Cavendish Beach, Prince Edward Island

Yesterday I walked for 6 hours and saw nobody — not one person — the entire time. Five of those hours were spent on the beach.  Just me and sky and sand and sea. Bliss.

In 2004, I spent two weeks with my family here on Prince Edward Island.  I fell in love, but was unable to return until 2009 when I brought my Mom.  After a week exploring the island together, she went home and I stayed on by myself in Cavendish, my favorite part of PEI, for another heavenly week.

I spent so much time over the next six months daydreaming about my island that I vowed I would not wait another five years to return. By then, our travel budget for the year was gone so I asked myself the question “How can I get to P.E.I. this autumn?”

I contacted Kindred Spirits, the inn I stayed at with my Mom, and was able to book their least expensive room for 8 nights, which got me a long-stay discount.  They also provide breakfast so at least one of my daily meals would be taken care of.

My room is right above the entrance doors.

I phoned all the restaurants within walking distance of the inn. Only one would still be open during my stay, but that took care of another meal. I budgeted $20/day for my dinners.

I phoned the local taxi companies.  It would cost me $56 for the ride from the airport.  I doubled that, included a tip and added the total to my PEI budget.  Taking a taxi meant I wouldn’t have a vehicle during my stay, but Kindred Spirits is within walking distance of both Green Gables and Cavendish Beach and they are the only two places I really wanted to spend my time anyway.

Green Gables, home of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s beloved heroine Anne-with-an-e

I began tucking away $20 a week in a special envelope in the top drawer of my dresser, right next to my children’s baby teeth and Santa’s reindeer bells. If my calculations were correct, I would have enough money in place to pay for everything by the time I boarded the plane September 30th.

Ah.  The plane.  My biggest challenge. I could use some of our Airmiles without compromising our next family vacation, but how was I going to pay for the taxes?


Aha! My birthday and Mother’s Day are always within a week of each other so I asked Stephen if, instead of flowers or dinners out, he and the boys would pay the tax for my trip to PEI.

It’s funny, even though I knew it was coming, when my youngest son presented me with my gift while we sat around the dinner table on Mother’s Day, I still burst into tears.  It was happening.  I was going to PEI!

That’s not to say that things went without a hitch.

When I phoned the restaurant last week to see how late they would be open the night I arrived, I found out that they were closing a week earlier than anticipated.  So, along with my clothes and books, I packed tins of soup and tuna and the fruit cups I put in my sons’ lunches, Babybel cheese and crackers, apples and trail mix and home made cookies.

Good thing, too.  The two meals I did eat out were almost double my allotted allowance!

So my days are filled with the solitary delights of reading, writing and imagining myself living in a gentler time as I roam the woods and beaches of Anne’s land.  And every night, thanks to the wonders of our modern world, I can still tuck my sweet boys into bed.

I’ve already tucked a $20 bill into a hidden corner of my wallet.  It will go straight into my empty envelope when I get home. Seed money for next year’s dream come true.

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2 Responses to Solitude!

  1. Yvonne says:

    You brought tears to my eyes this morning. Thanks for living your dream. Thanks for sharing your dream. I’m tucking some money away this morning too!.

  2. maxinespence says:

    Oh good! What lovely place will your envelope of dreams take you?

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