Goodbye PEI

Good-bye sand and sea and sky

I’ve been sitting in the Charlottetown airport since 1:30.  My plane doesn’t leave until 6:45. I didn’t see any reason to hang around the Inn after I had made my good-by treks to Cavendish Beach and Lover’s Lane so when Allison, who works in the breakfast room at Kindred Spirits, was finished her shift at noon she gave me a ride to the airport.

Good-bye Kindred Spirits

But I haven’t been bored.

I spent an hour playing around with the watercolors I brought with me.  Funny, I so want to create beautiful things, but I didn’t even open the paints until LAST NIGHT.  Why, oh why, do I do that?  I love watercolors.  I want to paint with watercolors.  In fact, I want to create my own header for this blog — no offense, wordpress; your forest scene is lovely, but I want something of my own. — So why do I avoid the paints until the very last night of my retreat? It’s a mystery.

Anyway, between last night and today at the airport, I have 8 postcard size pictures, all variations on the same idea.  By the 8th tweaking of colors and positioning and “font”, I think I’ve got what I want.

You’d think I’d learn by now. I can think about things forever but it’s only when I plunge in and start doing that the ideas start to really flow and a clear path opens up.  I still haven’t figured out how I’m going to get my ideas into the header, but that’s another step out of my head and into the inner workings of this website to make it happen.

Good-bye Cavendish Grove

Oh, and there was a huge party of people waiting for the arrival of a family with their newly adopted child.  That was fun!

Good-bye Haunted Wood

And I had a cup of tea and eavesdropped on the airport crew as they had their coffee break.  One guy drank a LOT the other night.  He itemized the whole evening’s worth of drinks.  I hope it wasn’t last night.  Or that he’s off shift when my airplane takes off.

Good-bye Lover’s Lane

Then I checked out some author websites profiled in the July/August issue of WestWord, the magazine of the Writers Guild of Alberta.  (I know it’s October — it’s been on my to-do list for awhile.  My to-do list is long.) I only just realized that it is WestWORD.  I always thought it was WestWORLD.  So much for paying attention to the details.

Check out Thomas Trofimuk’s website.  He wrote Waiting for Columbus which was just optioned for film.  I just read about it on his website.  I had never heard of Thomas Trofimuk or his books before this day, but after reading all the rave reviews on his website, I’m going to check it out.

And now I’m here.  And it’s 4:14.  Almost time to check my baggage and grab a hamburger before flight time.  I’m really looking forward to that hamburger.  I’m going to order it with sweet potato fries.  After 6 nights of tuna and soup, I’m going to savor every bite.  I hope there’s mayonnaise to dunk the fries.

I love my Mac.  I couldn’t have so pleasantly (and productively) whiled away another hour or two here at the airport without it.

And I love PEI.

But I love my boys most of all (all 3 of them) and in 10 hours or so we’ll be reunited.  I warned them that I’ll be expecting big hugs and kisses and I’m not waiting until we get to the car. They’ll be happening in the airport.  IN PUBLIC!  I don’t think they’ll mind. It’s not like it’ll be busy there at 11:10 pm.  And if they do, well I know Stephen won’t mind.

My hamburger is calling.

Good-bye PEI

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2 Responses to Goodbye PEI

  1. Yvonne says:

    You made me all bleary again!

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