100 Apples

What’s that I see as I open the door to my office?  There’s something on the drafting table. And it’s not laundry hanging to dry.

Let’s take a closer look.

Hmmmmm.  An apple?

Yes, an apple; not a peach or a nectarine. (It was an apple that modeled for me.)

And a . . . worm?

Yes.  A worm. With a hat.

When I finally pulled out my tempera paints this morning (didn’t I tell you a deadline was necessary?) and started splashing color onto the 6 sheets of photocopy paper taped together on my drafting table, I remembered drawing apples in the margins of my books at school.

Apples with this jaunty little worm poking its head out to say hello. So I went with it.

But why an apple instead of . . . any number of things?

One of the characters in a YA novel I read a long time ago (sorry, I can’t remember the name of the book) had an assignment to draw 100 apples.  I thought that was a very cool idea so I have assigned it to myself.

Voila Apple #1.

Title: Where have you been all these years?

Medium: tempera paint and black marker on photocopy paper

If I do an apple a week, it’ll take me just under 2 years to create 100 apples.  If I allow for the inevitable interruptions of fire, flood and pestilence (with a vacation thrown in every once in awhile), it’ll probably take a little longer than that.

Not that I have a deadline.

I like that two year timeframe, though.  Where will I be in my self-publishing adventure in two years time? How many children will have Leaf in their hands? Will the second book I’m envisioning have made its way into the world? Will there be a third? How many other writers will have set out on their own self-publishing adventures (or how many margin doodling artists will have allowed themselves to play again) and found help and inspiration and a place to tell their stories here on this blog site?

Who knows?  The possibilities are endless, but they all start with that first step (or apple).  Followed soon after (by the following Friday at the very latest) by the second step/apple.

Did I just set myself up again?

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