Apple #5 (and a Book Launch!)

I know you’re eager to see today’s apple, but first some breaking news:

Lisa Young is launching the first in a series of chapter books!

Come and meet Beatrice the Pigeon and help send her off on her first adventure.

Saturday, December 4 from 2:00 to 4:00 at Owl’s Nest Books

Saturday, December 11 from 10:00 – 12:00 at Monkey Shines


And now for Apple #5

Do you remember those art projects we used to do as kids with wax crayons and newspapers and hot irons? The ones that never turned out the way you imagined they would when you were carefully arranging the shavings into the shapes that were going to wow everybody with their amazing amazingness?

Turns out, the passage of 30-odd years has not improved my skills.

Voila Apple #5!

Title: Wax On, Wax Off

Medium: Wax crayon shavings on photocopy paper



And now for today’s tumble-down-the-well word . . .

As you’ve probably noticed, I have my new header (or at least the first version of it — thank you Patti!) Did you notice how cleverly I led up to this unveiling, with my first word being “turtle” and the second word being “dream?” Yeah, I know, so clever it slipped right by you.

Turtle Dreams.

It makes my heart leap every time I open up my blog and see those two words and that skookum turtle and the swirly sun and . . . did I say thank you, Patti?

Yes, there is a story behind the name and, yes, I’ll share it with you sometime, but in the meantime I know you’re itching to find out where today’s word will take you. So, in honor of the book Jacob and I are reading (and giggling over), How to Tame Your Dragon, which (by the way) is not even close and way better than the story told in the movie, today’s word is one that has felt particularly good rolling off my tongue.


One, two, three, write!



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