Apple #6

For all you Calgary folk, Lisa Young will be at Monkeyshines this Saturday, Dec. 11 from 10:00 to noon signing copies of her third self-published book, The Adventures of Beatrice the Pigeon. It’s also Lisa’s birthday, so be sure to wish her “Happy Birthday” while you’re chatting about Beatrice and all her crazy pigeon friends.


Apple #6

Title: A Sketch in Time (for my Friday post)

Medium: pencil crayon and marker on loose leaf paper


And today’s Rabbit Hole Word (as in “tumbling down the rabbit hole,” which often happens when we allow ourselves to let the pen take us where it will without editing ourselves while we write) follows quite naturally on the heels of last week’s word. We continue to be inspired by the Viking world of Hiccup, the Dragon Trainer.


One, two, three, write!



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2 Responses to Apple #6

  1. Laura says:

    Great logo! I love reading your blog, Maxine! It’s so honest and I can identify with a lot of what you’re working through. We’ve got to get together soon…I’ve got a big idea simmering and need a writer friend to keep me from talking myself out of it!

  2. maxinespence says:

    Thanks, Laura. Patti is doing a great job of taking my airy fairy descriptions and turning them into logos and headers and the like. I love the synergy of that process. I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog. Funny, I feel the same way about yours always saying something I need to hear. I’m game to get together – big ideas are always great coffee conversation. I’ll be in touch!

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