Howl and Ye Shall be Found

The funniest thing happened yesterday.

I got a phone call from a woman saying I had been “prescribed” by her homeopath. We had a good laugh about that and then promptly set a date for tea.

I first met this woman (let’s call her Ramona) when I toured the Waldorf kinderhouse in Kelowna about 15 years ago. She was the kindergarten assistant. A few years later, our paths crossed again at a Waldorf-inspired homeschool group in Red Deer. And again and again over the years at one function or another: a mantra workshop, at the Children’s Festival, at Rosebud Theatre, once in a grocery store where I never usually shop. About the fourth or fifth time we started wondering why we kept running into each other. Was there something we were to share with each other? Create together? Learn from each other? These meetings couldn’t just be coincidences (especially since neither one of us believes in coincidences).

Other than our shared interest in Waldorf education, the only thing to come out of that discussion was my recommendation that she see my homeopath.

A few months later I “happened” to be going in for an appointment when Ramona was leaving. Another good laugh. And then, in one of her recent visits to the homeopath, Dr. Gaul suggested she find some like-minded people and told her to call me.

I asked Ramona if she wanted a couple of drops every few hours or a larger dose once a week. Ha!

The funny thing about this is that just last Friday as I was scribbling in my morning pages about the Definite Major Purpose that is scaring the c#@p out of me, an idea sprouted.

And I thought of Ramona.

The other funny thing is that one of the intentions I set for myself this year is to bring more friends into my life.

And Ramona called.

It reminded me of something I heard last week as I was listening to a lecture by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. She wrote Women Who Run With the Wolves. Her newest work, released in audio format by Sounds True, is called Mother Night.

It’s amazing! She’s amazing!

And I’ve only listened to the first of eight sessions.

Here’s what is written about it in the Sounds True catalogue.

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes says that the most endangered species on earth is the human soul. “What if our world is starving for soulful gifts only you carry? What are you waiting for?” On Mother Night, Dr. Estes teaches us to retrieve our beautiful gifts abandoned in the unconscious through neglect, ignorance and fear. Gather with her for nearly 10 hours of original teaching stories, poetry, commentary, and her special prayers of blessing over your creative soul, offered to help us reclaim the gifts and “healing apothecary” set into each soul at birth.

In the first CD, Dr. Estes quotes a poet (I didn’t catch his name) who said, He who cannot howl, cannot find his pack. She used that quote to answer a question from a woman who felt alone in the world, like she didn’t fit anywhere. Dr. Estes reminded her that the internet is a great tool for finding like-minded people. She suggested that if the woman searched she would probably find entire communities who “fit” her exactly.

But she needed to come out of her hole and howl.

Ramona howled and we’re meeting for tea tomorrow.

I’m howling right now.

Any answering howls out there?


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2 Responses to Howl and Ye Shall be Found

  1. Yvonne says:

    Of course I’m howling! It sounds like AAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMmmmmm

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