Apple #10

Apple #10!!?

I’m 10% done this project.

Oh, my how time flies!

Except for when it doesn’t.

I was at a friend’s house the other night and noticed a perfectly drawn apple pinned to their bulletin board. When I looked a little closer, I saw that it was done by Georgia Graham, an Alberta author/illustrator who has written/illustrated a lot of books, my favorite being The Strongest Man This Side of Cremona.

(And we all know the special pedestal I reserve for those amazing individuals who write and illustrate their own books.)

When I questioned my friend about the drawing, she said her son had won it at an author’s talk his class had attended and I realized I had been at the very same talk. I remembered that I had wanted to win the apple that she drew like magic right before our eyes, but of course my name didn’t go into the draw. Sigh. Kids get all the breaks.

So I decided that this week I  would do my own Georgia Graham Apple.

It didn’t turn out very well.

Let me rephrase that.

It didn’t look much like Georgia’s apple.

But it’s a perfect Maxine apple.

Title: How Did She Do That?

Medium: chalk pastels on the same kind of paper Georgia used torn from a rediscovered scrapbook of poems I had written many, many moons ago (that was a nice trip down memory lane)


And so, to continue with the Georgia Graham theme, our tumble-down-the-rabbit-hole word for today is pulled directly from the above mentioned book.

Remember: 10 minutes of stream-of-consciousness writing about whatever this word conjures up for you. No pausing to stare off into space and think about it! Goodness, no. Don’t even lift the pen from the page. Just write until the timer tells you to stop. You do have a timer set don’t you?

On your mark, get set, write!



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