Apple # 11

Last week, as I was rummaging through my stuff looking for my chalk pastels, I found a stub of charcoal. Hmmmm, thought I. Maybe I’ll use that next week.

This morning, as I prepared to use that stub of charcoal, I thought, Ewww. Too stark. I need color. I glanced over at the calendar sitting on my desk – the one I bought because I loved the simple, colorful style the artist uses. It’s the kind of art I’d like to be able to do some day.

This, as you probably noticed, is different from the desk calendar I described here. Inspiration takes many forms. It just happened to be the entire contents of a calendar store that inspired me last December (okay – I’ll come clean. I actually bought three calendars that day — all for me. The 3rd one is a birthday calendar in another style I liked).

Yes, I did by some gifts for others that day, too.

Anyway . . .

Hmmmmm, says I. I wonder if Sarah drew any apples. And, sure enough, gloomy November was warmed by a colorful kitchen scene. So . . . since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and since I just might learn something by “imitating” something I admire and since I actually have the picture I’m copying right in front of me instead of having to try to remember it, like Georgia’s apple last week, I reached past the uninspiring charcoal to the oil pastels.

Apple # 11

Title: Apple and Friends (with pie)

Alternate Title: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Medium: oil pastel (a brand-new-never-been-opened package of oil pastels, I might add, that I purchased one long-ago day and when I took off the cover my first thought was “Oh . . . these are too good to use. Maybe I should give them to someone” — SHEESH! old habits die hard) on the same nubbly paper I scavenged for last week’s apple


By the way, I’m just wondering . . . what kind of creative endeavors are you up to lately? As you can see, from the last 10 Fridays of my life, that creativity takes many forms (not all of them pretty, but still pretty darn fun).

Satisfying, even.

And even if you’re not up to creating something absolutely new and decide to begin by copying something someone else has done, I guarantee you it will still feel good to let yourself P L A Y.

So, what are you waiting for?


Okay, if you insist on procrastinating, at least take a tumble down the rabbit hole. Maybe you’ll find inspiration there.

Today’s word (10 minutes of writing without censoring yourself or lifting the pen) is . . .



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