Liquid Sunshine

Just popping in briefly today to tell you to RUN, DON’T WALK to your nearest drugstore and pick up an amazingly inexpensive elixir that just might make a tremendous difference in your sun-deprived Canadian winter.

When I went over the results of my blood tests with my doctor this Tuesday, she told me my Vitamin D levels were very low. Should be 120. Were 62. I thought for sure it was low iron causing my constant fatigue and the Eeyore attitude that went with it, but my iron levels were fine. So I walked the block to the drugstore, plunked down my $10 bill, pocketed my change (can you believe this “cure” cost less than ten bucks?) and two days later I’m a changed woman. So if you’ve been tired for no apparent reason and/or cranky for no apparent reason or click here for more vitamin D deficiency symptoms . . .


Purchase the Vitamin D3 drops (liquid is more readily absorbed by our bodies)

and start drinking up some liquid sunshine.

4000 IU/day for adults

2000 IU/day for kids

It’ll make a huge difference in the energy and smileyness of your life!

At least it did for me.

Unless it’s the most powerful placebo I’ve every experienced.

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