Apple #12

Here it is only Thursday and I’m sitting at my desk, visions of apples dancing in my head.

What’s gotten into me? The procrastination that usually keeps me working at other “more important” things is nowhere to be found.

Hmmmm. What will my medium be this week?

Crayons? Markers? A hunk of rope?

An antique feel in sepia and taupe?

Pastels? Cloth? Watercolors? Nope!

This week’s apple is made of . . . soap!

Title: The White Queen’s Apple

Medium: Ivory soap


C’mon! It’s your turn! Pick up a crayon – you’re bound to have a crayon somewhere in your house – and if you don’t have an English-speaking crayon then you must have a French-speaking crayon (otherwise known as a pencil). Everybody has a pencil! Pick it up and, at the very least, do a little doodle on a piece of junk mail. Everybody has junk mail.

Just doodle it!


Hey, I think I’ve stumbled upon today’s tumble-down-the-rabbit-hole word.

Set your timer (10 minutes, please) grab your crayon and . . .



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