The Vimala Alphabet

According to a Jewish proverb, there is an angel encouraging every one of us, including each blade of grass, to do what we came here to do.

“Grow. Grow,” they whisper to us.

I love this quote and yesterday I tried my hand at copying the picture it paints in my head. (Maybe, just maybe, my Friday Apples are starting to bear fruit on the other days of the week.)

According to Vimala Rodgers, each letter of the alphabet also has its own accompanying angel. She says that by inscribing the letters in the manner she has developed, people can draw the qualities of those Guardian Protectors into their lives.

When I first saw this set (guidebook, blank journal, 2 CD’s, 26 cards) advertised in the Sounds True magazine, it seemed to glow more brightly than anything else around it. Every time I leafed through the magazine it jumped out at me, so I put it on my Christmas list and was delighted to unwrap it Christmas morning.

Within a few days I had embarked on my first 40 day handwriting cycle (which, by the way, ended just yesterday). In one of the appendices at the back of the Guidebook, Vimala lists all 26 letters and the qualities they will bring into your life when you write them in a self-affirming manner. For example, “If you would like to begin listening–truly listening–to others instead of interrupting, inscribe the letter U” and “If you would like to function from Spirit at all times, practice inscribing the letter L.” I chose to work on the letter P. Today, I started my new 40 day cycle with a focus on the letter A.

I love stories of transformation and the CD’s in this set (as well as the book mentioned below) are filled with interesting tales of people who have effected amazing changes in their lives just by following Vimala’s writing “prescriptions.” I particularly enjoy the stories of the sceptics who do the writing as a last-ditch effort to improve their situations or even to prove Vimala wrong and end up discovering the amazing power of this deceptively simple tool.

I have a friend who teaches mantra meditation. She, too, suggests choosing a mantra and repeating it a certain number of times per day in a 40 day cycle. I attended some of her workshops and am convinced of the power of that work, but I found it very difficult to commit to repeating the unfamiliar sanskrit phrases every day. I am a writer. I love putting pen to paper, so writing my letters is a much more enjoyable and meaningful meditation practice for me.

Not to mention that it’s fascinating.

Here are some of the tidbits I have found the most intriguing:

The letter O is the letter of sensitive truth-telling. Vimala says, “. . . this is speech that heals, never harms. It is important to distinguish between speaking the truth and sharing cold facts. Sensitive speaking honors the listener, conveys the truth, and never judges, for it speaks to the Indwelling Spirit of the listener.”

And how do we best inscribe this letter to achieve this goal? By writing it in a clockwise direction, beginning and ending at he top, clean and clear with no inner clutter of any kind, no hooks or flourishes or inner loops. And definitely do not encircle it.

This was a big change for me. It meant I had to lift the pen every time this letter showed up in a word. But this forced pause helped to remind me of the pause I need to take before opening my mouth to speak, a very important moment when I can ask myself, “will these words help or harm?”

The letter T also intrigued me.

“In school most of us were taught to cross the stem midway down,” Vimala says, “which represents mediocrity, or ‘just be like everyone else and above all, don’t step out of that box!” She suggests placing the crossbar on top of the stem. “Placing a vigorously drawn crossbar on top of the t stem releases blockages that have prevented your inner vision from coming to life.”

I have been gleefully crossing my t’s on top ever since I read that.

I haven’t taken the next step however.

“Once your vision begins to emerge–and it will–incorporate the lower case “dancing t” to add alphabetical velocity to your intentions . . . This letter is not for the faint of heart–only for those who are determined to manifest their vision no matter what it takes.”

Apparently, I’m still a little faint of heart.

More tidbits:

Writing on lined paper reflects “stay in the box and play it safe” thinking so always write on unlined paper.

“Writing with a pencil is wishy washy. It says, ‘Well, maybe . . .’ It can be erased. A pen says, ‘Yes!’ It is indelible and declarative.”

People who print instead of write are erecting a fence that separates them from others. People who block print (print only in uppercase letters) have turned that fence into a wall. The majority of printers are men and it’s usually because they have experienced a betrayal of some kind between the ages of 11 and 14 which has caused them to build walls of protection that help them to hide the talents they may be afraid to express.

See? Fascinating! And these are only the tip of the iceberg.

I have also read another of her books that was published eleven years ago (the kit above was published in 2009). She begins it by leading you through an exercise to see what your present handwriting is saying about you (and creating in your life) before you embark on the adventure of changing it (and therefore changing your life).

Here’s the back cover. (It will get bigger if you click on it.)

I would suggest reading this one first if you’d like to study your current writing style in depth before deciding which changes you would like to make.  Plus it contains even more interesting tidbits and stories about the letters.


I’d be happy to lend you my book!

But you don’t have to wait until you have time to pop in to borrow it from me. You don’t  even have to go to the library. Or the bookstore. You can start learning more about Vimala’s Alphabet by checking out her website right now, right here.


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20 Responses to The Vimala Alphabet

  1. stpresskit says:

    Hi Maxine
    You’ve just reviewed one of my all-time favorite products from Sounds True. I’ve been practicing the Ff and the Mm lately – I always see miracles happen! I shared your blog link with Vimala and she’d like to send you a note. Please reply to me at so I can connect you with her. Cheers, Shelly

  2. maxinespence says:

    Thank you so much for connecting me with Vimala, Shelly. It’s been nice to chat with her via email – and nice to chat with you as well. Have fun with your letters! I’m sure there are many more miracles afoot.

  3. lorienyoga says:

    I just started my first 40 day handwriting cycle today and was happy to see your post! Thanks for sharing. Are you still writing and practicing the Vimala alphabet?

  4. maxinespence says:

    Yes, I am! I’m currently working on M, F and a letter that changes weekly. Apparently, I REALLY need to work on the M and F because I’ve had to restart SEVEN times because of one interruption or another. It’s definitely an interesting practice. I hope your process is enlightening.

  5. lorienyoga says:

    Hey Maxine, I applaud you for starting over as many times as you need…it must be maddening though. I’m kind of waiting for the bottom to fall out of my motivation; I’m only on day three of my first cycle. I’m excellent at starting new projects but terrible at finishing them. I’m trying to build the muscles I need for stamina and endurance so that I can follow projects through to their finish. Say a little prayer for me. I LOVE your drawing at the top of this post by the way–very sensitive, innocent, loving and sweet.

  6. maxine spence says:

    Well keep applauding Lorien because as of today I am starting over AGAIN. This is the 10th time! I just keep reminding myself that this is a PRACTICE, just like yoga or meditation and if I miss a day and start over again it’s just part of the process and is perfect (hmmm . . . lots of p’s in there: practice, process, perfect . . . PERHAPS I should start writing some P’s – which, incidentally, are about ‘truly loving and appreciating oneself’ so that would be a very good fit.

    Oh, and by the way, I, too am very good at starting things, not so good at finishing. But it can be done with enough persistence (another P word!) Leaf is a good example of that – it also helps to tell a lot of people about your project – all those inquiries into the status of the project provides more than a smidgeon of accountability.

  7. Meera says:

    Hi Max, My name is Meera and i just started practicing the 40 day cycle of Vimala Alphabet today… I have read her book and understood how to write the strokes. However, I would like to know how we practice the strokes on the paper – are there any templates which we can use in the beginning or how do we know that they are touching the upper, lower or mid zones appropriately.

    • maxinespence says:

      Hi Meera! There are no templates as far as I know. I think we just have to imagine the upper, lower and mid zones and do our best to fill those spaces. It doesn’t have to be perfect! It’s the process that’s important. And the intentions we set every time we sit down to write. I’m curious – which letters are you starting off with on your alphabetical journey? My most recent letters were ‘D'(the letter of my first name – Della, which I never go by – because I thought there was probably some merit in that since it IS my actual first name) and ‘R’ which is the first letter of my maiden name. I got to Day 37 and then ‘forgot’ to do it. Sigh. We’re heading out on a road trip this week so I’ll start again when we get back. Have fun with your exploration! I’d love to know how your journey unfolds.

      • Meera says:

        Thanks Maxine… I have started with M for my first name and A. sure will keep you updated on my journey … Have a great trip

  8. maxinespence says:

    Aaaah, the dreaded M: letting go of control. I’ve done that one a few times (and there’s still room for improvement). And A – I love A. It’s such a dance-y letter.

  9. Rajiv Parti says:

    Hi Maxine,
    You have by now done quite a few of cycles.Have changed all your alphabets or just few
    which you liked and qualities.They bring.Does these Nirmala alphabets handwriting really work?

    • maxinespence says:

      I have changed the way I make quite a few of my letters. The lower case ‘f’ gives me the greatest difficulty in my day-to-day writing. Yes, I really do think that writing the Vimala way has made a positive difference in my life.

  10. Tejal says:

    Hi Maxie,
    I m about to start my 40 day cycle with T and P but can’t figure out as to wat is the letter of the week concept….wat should it be.
    N after 40 days should u change all tthe letters or can practice the same.I m kind of confused plz help me.

    • maxinespence says:

      Yay for T and P! You’re 5 days in. How is it going so far?

      I was a bit confused as well when I started because Vimala talks about several different ways of doing this, depending on which of her books I read. I’ve done it lots of different ways: a 40 Day Letter and a Letter of the Day; two 40 Day Letters at once; a 40 Day Letter and a Letter of the Week. A few months ago, I worked on letters to develop my intuition so had J, L, and E overlapping. Right now, I’m doing one 40 Day Letter. I’ve decided to work my way through the alphabet according to Vimala’s alphabet families, so I started with A and am now on O. If I feel another letter calling me, I may add it. In fact, as I write this, I think I might add T the O. I start every page with a line of H’s.

      I don’t think there’s any ‘should’ around the letters you choose — other than to write for 40 consecutive days (if it’s not a Letter of the Day or Letter of the Week).

      Likewise, after 40 days, it’s your choice. What do you want to do now? Change the letters? Or stay with these ones for another 40 days? I think sometimes, if we ‘forget’ to write when we’re really close to the the end of a 40 day cycle, it’s our unconscious telling us that another 40 days with that letter would be beneficial.

      I hope that helps. Happy writing!

  11. afr00dita says:

    Hello! Very interesting theme..I love that I found Vimala alphabet.In perfect time of my life things just come up! Wonderful! I still haven`t bought a book.I should order it..But I am such a lazy person when it comes to Internet ordering and not just going to bookstore and buy it like in old days :). Can you pick few letters for us who don`t have a book to tell us the meanings of some letters.I have found online G,F,B,C,D,M,N..I am started working with letter A and K which are my first and last name.I wonder about other words including K.What does it represents? Thank you!

    • maxinespence says:

      Hello. I’m glad you found Vimala’s work. It really is an elegant system and how perfect that it showed up for you when you needed it. I’m not an expert on Vimala’s work. Off the top of my head, I remember that K is the letter of the rebel, but best to go to her for full meanings of letters. Her website is She’s also on facebook, I believe. The library is also a great resource. I borrowed her book, Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life, from there first to check it out before I bought it. What I most recommend, though, is the kit called Transform Your LIfe Through Handwriting. You can’t go wrong purchasing that. And, if you really don’t like online ordering, maybe call up your bookstore and have them bring it in for you so, when it comes in, you can ‘go in and buy it, like the old days.’ Have fun! I continue to spend time with Vimala’s alphabet each morning – I’m currently on Day 8 of a 40 day cycle with the letter O.

  12. afr00dita says:

    OMG You won`t believe me! I just went on her site and have found all the letters meanings!!!! I am super excited! You are a luck bringer!!! I love you!!! And I can say about the letter L and it`s connection to spirituality that IT IS TRUE.I am writing the letter L just like she says we should without knowing that and my life is a real wonderful,spiritual,LOA based life.
    Thank you for your advices .I am so thankful !Blessings and Keep up progrressing and good luck!! ❤ ❤

  13. Lucy says:

    Hello, thank you for your post. My life has changed dramatically in the time I’ve been writing, 3-4 years. At first I didn’t realize what was happening. I have grown in ways I never imagined possible, it has been a profound journey. When Vimala says this will change your life believe it! I highly recommend buying the book and CD’s so you have the entire program and materials. I have worked U more than I want to track, it’s a practice be patient!

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