Printing my Self-published Book: Editing and Indexing

Today Trish Romanchuk, the Book Manager at Blitzprint, will talk about editing and indexing.

Do I need to get my book edited?

The world’s finest authors rely on skilled editors because the best writing always benefits from a good editor’s second set of eyes. Whether your work needs proofreading or a deeper editing intervention, editors can make valuable contributions to your self-publishing project. Partner with editing professionals who have the insight, command of language and literary skills to help you impress book reviewers and the media. Experienced with both veteran and first-time authors, a good editor can help enhance your book’s readability, repair story and structural weaknesses, improve characterizations, sharpen dialogue, address grammatical wobbles—or simply polish your back-cover text.

Copyediting and proofreading are meant to address sentence-level inconsistencies in grammar, punctuation and diction.

Content editing is meant to address syntactical and logical flaws and achieve a deeper level of document repair.

Developmental editing is to zero in on major structural issues and deliver greater individualized creative support.

Back-cover and book-jacket editing will help you craft clear and compelling marketing copy.

Can you recommend an editor?

Yes, here are a couple of awesome editors:

Jens Petersen –

Stewart Dudley –

What is indexing? Do I need it?

Indexing can be a costly service, but one that is worth every penny if you have the right kind of book for it. Reference books, such as history books, cookbooks, manuals, etc. are books that realistically need an index.

Book-business insiders often measure the professionalism of a non-fiction work by the quality of its index. What’s more, online booksellers frequently display indexes so that customers can compare book content before buying. That makes your index a key selling feature, triggering more favorable book reviews and boosting sales and royalties.

A well-crafted index speeds readers to the information they want in non-fiction titles such as computer, business and cookbooks. You can compile your own index, but I always recommend a professional indexer. It’s a little more costly because it is a lot of work! Working with your final approved and formatted manuscript, a professional indexer should create two-level indexes with main entries, subheadings and appropriate cross-references for you.

Can you recommend an indexer?

I would recommend Clive Pyne for indexing –

Trish Romanchuk is the manager of the Book Division for Blitzprint Inc. For more information on their book printing products and services, please visit their website, or contact Trish directly at

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