Apple #15

You’ve gotta love kids.

They’re so encouraging.

I was less than impressed with the outcome of Apple #15, yet when I played show-and-tell at the dinner table, Jacob exclaimed, “Mom, it’s perfect!”

When I looked at him sideways, he amended, “Well the shape of the apple is perfect.”

I love my son.

Apple #15

Title: The Picture in My Head was Very Different

Medium: The sleeve of an old shirt cut into an apple shape, stitched to a felted sweater. (Then brushed with watercolor pencil crayons in a desperate attempt to . . . it didn’t work.)


But don’t let that stop you.

In fact, let it be an inspiration! If I can post my blegh’s, what’s it gonna hurt to muck around in the privacy of your own room? Remember, you can’t make good art, or even mediocre art, without making bad art along the way.

So just do it!

Besides, it’s not even really about the end product. Admittedly, it’s way more fun to show off something that’s fabulous as compared to something that’s . . . well . . . apple #15-ish. But it’s really not about the show-offy part. It’s about the process of creating and I had a pretty fine time creating this apple in the company of my friend, Ramona.

Remember Ramona?

It appears that she’s pretty good medicine for me, too.


And now that you’ve decided that you will pick up those crayons/paints/sewing supplies/whatever and make some art, dagnabit, why don’t you really let go and grab a pen, set your timer for ten minutes and let fly on this week’s tumble-down-the-rabbit-hole word.

Actually, words -I’ve got two words that want to be presented together. Do with them as you see fit.


perfect medicine

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