Printing my Self-published Book: the last post

Every Wednesday since December Trish Romanchuk, Book Manager at Blitzprint, has generously shared her knowledge with us, answering the questions that typically arise when authors decide to self-publish. Today is her last post in this series.

Since I’m working on a children’s book, I will end by asking if there are any special things to consider when self-publishing a children’s picture book.

When it comes to any color book, it’s all about the paper and the printer that you use. If your printer has good equipment and you provide quality images to them at a minimum of 300 dpi in the size that you want printed, then your images should look great, no matter the paper.

What is dpi?

Dpi is dots per inch. This is the resolution that your image will print in. You want it to be a minimum of 300 for images and 600 for images with text.

As for paper, I find that coated stocks make the colors pop the best. With that being said, you want to avoid using coated stocks in perfect bound soft cover books, if they are being printed digitally. It just isn’t guaranteed to stick as well.

There are other stock options though, that work just as well as coated stocks. Take 28# Mohawk Laser or Color Copy as an example. These are uncoated stocks that are incredible at getting colors to come alive on the page.

Also, if you are getting your book perfect bound soft cover, you need to be sure to leave ¼” of white space along the inside binding edge. If there is color there, your bind won’t be as strong. Once again, I believe that may only apply to digital printing. This happens because a fuser goes over the colors and the glue doesn’t always like to stick to it.

Any last words of wisdom as we head out on our amazing self-publishing adventure?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Bombard your contact at the print shop with questions, Google questions to your heart’s content, and make sure that you understand everything that you are taking part in.

If you aren’t 100% sure that you will be able to tell if a PDF proof is right, pay the extra for the printed proof. It will be worth its weight in gold if you discover that there was something that you would have missed in a PDF proof.

Go the extra mile for your book, after all, it is your book, and ergo, an extension of you.

Thank you, Trish, for holding our hand through this sometimes overwhelming process. I appreciate your willingness to share your considerable knowledge with those of us taking the plunge into self-publishing.

If you have more specific questions that haven’t been addressed here, please be sure to contact Blitzprint’s Book Manager Extraordinaire directly. I’m sure there are many more Trish Tidbits that will help to smooth out the bumps in your self-publishing adventure.

Trish Romanchuk is the manager of the Book Division for Blitzprint Inc. For more information on their book printing products and services, please visit their website, or contact Trish directly at

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