Apple #17

Remember your elementary school poetry units?

They inevitably included a shape poem.

Here’s mine.

Apple #17

Here’s another one with a little more flesh on it.

Title: Apple Poems 1 and 2

Medium: pencil crayon on white photocopy paper


While I was zen’ing out on the word appleappleappleapple I was also listening to a video by Loral Langemeier. Loral is all about “changing the conversation about money” and has some very innovative and doable ideas about creating millionaires. She’s coming to Calgary on March 30 and I’m going to be in the front row! Care to join me?

Check her out. She is dynamite!

But first,

grab your pen and paper and timer

and spend 10 minutes writing down exactly what comes up for you

no editing – no stopping until the timer rings

when you hear the the word



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