Apple # 18

So what do you do when you’re heading out on a road trip on Thursday after school and you still haven’t done your Friday Apple?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I ransack the house looking for something portable and easy because I just might have to do it in the truck as we travel and then I settle on my sketchbook and hope that inspiration will strike.

Not long ago, I was admiring a particularly perfect picture of a dragon’s eye drawn by my son, Jacob.

Hmmmm, thought I. Maybe Jacob can teach me how to do an eye like that.

And it will fit into the apple theme . . . how?

(That would be Ms Follow-the-Rules speaking there, one of the more kill-joyish personalities hanging out in my Sybil-like brain. As you can see, she also tends to yell.)

I’m not sure, but why don’t we just dive in and see what happens?

Ms Follow-the-Rules isn’t too keen on that sort of thing, but I ignored her glowers and disdainful sniffs and dove in, hoping more than believing that inspiration would stike.

It did.

Voila Apple #18!

Title: Apple of my Eye

Medium: pencil in a very portable sketchbook

(Captain Creativity – 1; Ms Follow-the-Rules – 0)



Now it’s time for you to grab your sketch book (or whatever it is you use when you tumble down the rabbit hole after your Friday word), sharpen your pencil, set the timer for ten minutes and write!






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