Best Laid Plans

So what was it I said I’d do when I was reorganizing my life last Wednesday? Write in the mornings and do “marketing stuff” in the afternoons? Yes, that was the plan.

What is it they say? – Life is what happens when you are making other plans.

THE PLAN was to return to my writing routine this morning. LIFE countered with an (unplanned) visit to my son’s Grade 6 class this morning at 9:00.

THE PLAN this morning was to spend an hour on the chapter book I’m writing and then write my blog post. LIFE presented a sick child who lay snuggled in his jammies with the cat and a cup of hot tea and honey while I talked to his classmates about the editing process and the next step in creating their own picture books. When I got back from the school, guess who was in need of some mommy time?

THE PLAN was to write something profound for your entertainment and edification this afternoon.  Luckily, LIFE delivered a newsletter to my inbox that (in the interest of time and the aforementioned child waiting for me upstairs) I will pass on to you instead.

It was a very timely article, arriving mere days after I discovered a layer of crepe paper growing on my neck. This led to a microscopic evaluation of every wrinkle/crevasse on my face along with major angsting over the whole ageing thing. I even found myself gently pulling the crows’ feet around my eyes up towards my temples and wondering just how much minor plastic surgery really cost.

This article, by face reader Jean Haner, put all those sags and wrinkles into perspective.

(I don’t even know why I started getting her newsletter, but they are kind of fun to read, especially on days when I notice that my face is getting waaaay too chummy with that bad boy, Gravity.)


Erase a Wrinkle – Forget a Life Lesson?

A horizontal wrinkle on your forehead reflects an experience (positive or negative) that happened in your 20’s that caused you to learn an important lesson.

Did you know there are some wrinkles that you’re supposed to get? In face reading, there are a few different kinds of wrinkles, and all have important messages for you about who you are and how you’re moving through life.

One type of wrinkle that you need to grow represents a life lesson learned. These wrinkles usually show up as horizontal lines on your face — for instance, a common place for them to appear is on your forehead.

A horizontal wrinkle on your forehead reflects an experience (positive or negative) that happened in your 20’s that caused you to learn an important lesson. For example, your first big romantic relationship (or break-up), or a challenging job. The wisdom you gain from this time can benefit you for the rest of your life, and can prevent you from repeating mistakes made in the past.

A woman who came to a recent workshop had a big “Aha!” moment about a wrinkle on her own forehead. The horizontal line marked the age of 26 as a time when she learned something really important. She gasped when she heard this and raised her hand to share her story. She said that when she was 26, she finally managed to escape a severely abusive marriage, and she remembered declaring to herself at the time that she had learned her lesson and would never again attract an abusive man into her life. And for the next 20 years, that was true.

When she was 46, she started worrying about looking old, and went to a cosmetic surgeon for a procedure to eliminate that line in her forehead. One month later she found herself in an abusive relationship! Fortunately, she was able to recognize the pattern and got out of the situation without harm.

Soon after, she remembers looking in the mirror with great dismay, to see that darn horizontal line back on her forehead! Now, two years later in my face reading workshop, she discovered what this was all about, and blessed that wrinkle!

There is a reason why you develop the wrinkles that you do, and these reasons can be very positive ones. If you remove a horizontal wrinkle, you can lose the lesson it represents and you may have to learn it all over again, probably not an experience you want to repeat!


Oh, and here’s a celebrity reading she did on Sean Penn. I’ve highlighted what she had to say about those dreaded Crow’s Feet and the wrinkles she calls Purpose Lines.

Your Guilty Pleasure? – Celebrity Readings

My work isn’t about reading celebrities’ faces, but it can be valuable to use them as a kind of teaching tool because we’re all so familiar with their appearance, and because they often represent archetypal images for us. So with that intent in mind, here are some observations about people in the news!


Sean Penn

Since I brought him up, let’s take a look at Sean too! His cleft chin is called the “Mark of the Performer” so it’s not a surprise that he’s an actor. In fact, once you start looking, you’ll notice a large percentage of performers and other people in the public eye who have cleft chins.

And speaking of forehead wrinkles, he has a serious set of them! Interestingly, they show powerful life lessons learned during his mid to late 20’s, which is the time he was married to Madonna!

Sean has two very good examples of another kind of wrinkle that we are all supposed to grow. One is called “Joy Lines” by the sides of his eyes — what we in the West call “Crow’s Feet.” These signify someone who can be affectionate and kind; they basically are a sign of an open heart, what we should all develop. (Note from Max: goodbye Crow’s Feet, hello Joy Lines!)

And he has “Purpose Lines” — the nasolabial folds that extend from the sides of the nose down toward the corners of the mouth. These wrinkles only appear when someone is on their path in some way, living an authentic life. They don’t indicate that everything is perfect — there can still be problems with relationships or career — but they mean that person is heading in the right direction and in some way fulfilling their purpose in in the world.

Purpose Lines are not a sign of aging — I’ve seen them in child actors, for instance — when you get on your path in life, your Purpose Lines will start to show up. Charlie Sheen’s Purpose Lines are barely there at all, by the way. (Note from Max: Go, Purpose Lines, go. Dig yourselves a little deeper!)

One feature on Sean’s face that immediately draws our attention is his large nose. On one hand, this reveals someone who cares very much about the quality of his work, and at the extreme, can indicate perfectionistic qualities. This may not make him the easiest person to deal with, personally or professionally. A nose this large is associated with the archetype of the “King” — someone who is equipped to hold power, and who likely feels like he should be the one in charge even if he’s not!

Sean is about five years older than Charlie Sheen and according to his face, he has a different focus at this time. While he may have been a “bad boy” like Charlie in the past, in this phase of his life, he needs to tend to how he can be of service. And it certainly seems like he’s paying attention to that. He could be a great guide for Charlie, to help him start growing his own Joy and Purpose Lines!


Thank you, Jean, for making my mornings in front of the mirror a little more enjoyable.

Check out Jean’s website if you’re keen to learn more.

And now I’m off for a snuggle and another couple of chapters of Old Yeller.

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2 Responses to Best Laid Plans

  1. Laura says:

    Hey Maxine. Great post! I’m keeping things simple this week so I can give, give, give at my workshops (and sometimes fighting guilt that I should be more “productive”).

  2. maxinespence says:

    Jacob has a couple of great nerf swords. They would be great tools for keeping Mr. Productive Guilt in line. Wanna borrow them?

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