Go ahead! Draw on the walls!

Okay, I give. No Wednesday post this week. No Friday apple. And the world is not going to end because I didn’t do it all perfectly and on time.

But I still want to post something creative so I’ll share some mandalas I’ve done over the years.

This was the first one I did.

Number two.

This was the third one. I like it the least.

I started this one second and completed it last. It was the hardest to do, for some reason, so it languished for a long time, waiting for me to finish it. It’s my favorite.

Nothing particularly amazing here. Mandalas are pretty common. The thing that makes them special to me is that they are all painted on my office wall.

They’re over by the door and I lay on my bed (yes, I have a bed in my office – it’s a very luxurious thing to have a bed in one’s office) and admire them and imagine the entire wall filled with mandalas and swirls.

I grew up in a mobile home with dark wood paneled walls and a very tidy mother. Hanging pictures on the walls was verboten. Tape was out of the question and Mom would not tolerate pin holes. Or so I thought. I was always working so hard to be the perfect child that it never crossed my mind to even ask. Years later, when I moved out and my younger brother took over the room, he plastered the walls with drawings of every hockey team symbol in the NHL. I don’t know if there was a big fight over this or not. I just remember feeling ripped off that I hadn’t been able to hang any of my pictures. (I’m not even sure if I had any to hang – it was the principle of the thing!)

So, in answer to that long-ago injustice, I now draw on my walls!

My first tentative step was to paint the dark paneled walls in our first mobile home a creamy white. Oh, the simple pleasure of a sunlit white room!

When we bought our first house, I went wild in the bedrooms, transforming the boring eggshell white into yellow, periwinkle blue, lavender.

Once, when we lived in Calgary, my husband took the boys to Gran’s and I spent the whole weekend painting the pale pink (or was that “salmon?”) living room walls a soft, sage green.

Then, I started to expand my repertoire.

I filled the entire back entrance with a vibrant blue and red and orange ocean scene. (I’ll see if I can find the picture and show it to you some time. I loved that back entrance!)

The realtor, however, did not. He suggested we paint over it when we decided to sell. I’m sure he was suppressing a shudder when he said it. Sigh. So little imagination.

My current house is yellow or green, depending which room you are in. One day, I was sitting in my office staring at the wall trying to think of what to do for my artist date Some friends and I were working through the 12 week course Julia Cameron outlines in The Artist’s Way. I didn’t want to go to the city for my date and I wanted to do something artistic. So I put on a new CD I’d borrowed from the library, picked up a pencil crayon and started shading in a small circle. The crayon soon turned to paint.

Hey, they’re my walls, I later declared to my husband’s raised eyebrows.

And they’re your walls, too.

What’s holding you back?


Grab your pen and paper, set your timer and riff for ten minutes on the word,



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2 Responses to Go ahead! Draw on the walls!

  1. Rhonda Trusty says:

    Oh my God, Maxine! Those dark panel boards…I absolutely detest them. I was able to put a picture up but when I moved onto better things, I also discovered paint. I have had my kitchen painted a bright yellow with an el fresco technique – loved it. My walls in the living room are now a soothing, sage green and I painted my one bedroom in our old house in a purple – one of my favorite colors.

    I have painted garden plaques, art canvas and rocks! I love color and all its subtle tones and textures.

    Maybe those dark panel boards were necessary to spur us to explore our color side.
    Take care and thank you for your thoughts.

  2. maxinespence says:

    And thank you for visiting and leaving a note, Rhonda. Maybe you’ll be illustrating some of those stories you are going to start writing. Soon, now, right?

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