Apple #19

One of the things Elsie shared with us when she came into my son’s class on Tuesday was her sketch book – age after page of whimsical little drawings she has captured during holidays and Didsbury walkabouts. I love that book! I’ve been lucky enough to peruse it a few times. She also showed us the pen she uses and encouraged the children to use pen over pencil when drawing their sketches.

“It’s easy to change a line if you don’t like it,” she said.

Well, I don’t know if I agree with that, but she was my inspiration for this week’s apple. I even went out and bought an exact replica of Elsie’s pen. If only that would translate into being able to draw like Elsie!

Apple #19

Title: Me and My Shadow

Medium: Micron 08 drawing pen and watercolor in a sketch pad


In honor of our upcoming trip to the Aquarium and the hours I plan to spend communing with my favorite sea creatures, the tumble-down-the-rabbit-hole word this week is




Next week is Spring Break and we’re off on a San Diego adventure.

No laptops allowed!

(although a certain Blackberry has managed to sidle its way into the luggage)

I’ll meet you back here on April 12th.

Until then,

go paint a wall or something.

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One Response to Apple #19

  1. Laura says:

    No wall painting for me, but I did manage to write two blog posts, finish my true story, and begin another short fiction story. Yay!!

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