Back from an extended hiatus

Here was the view from my dining room window not long ago.

Look at that face!

Don’t know if he was grumpy about the snow or determined to smash that birdie.

We’re not going to let this weather get us down, dagnabbit!

Come on, little brother, let’s play some badminton.

Talk about making the best of a frustrating situation!

While my sons leapt about in the snow, I called my friendly neighborhood Airmiles operator so that, for a few days at least, the view out our window was more like this

This was a second story room!

It’s amazing what greenery and flowers can do to lift one’s spirits.

The highlight (for me) of our too-brief San Diego get-away was communing with the beluga whales.

They were very friendly.

I also spent some time with my sketchbook and Elsie’s recommended drawing pen.

I didn’t do any apples, but I did play around with some other subjects.

This is a detail from the purse I bought in Old Town (the purse that will carry my sketching supplies when I’m out and about . . . surreptitiously sketching).

These fun flowers were everywhere!

I did this one en plein air. That was fun!

I need to do a lot of work on perspective.

So. No Friday Apple.

 But my creative self has still been out to play.

And yours?


It’s funny – it doesn’t matter how beautiful the places we visit – how warm, how lush, how green – it’s always nice to come . . .

(get your pen, paper and timer and get ready to riff for 10 uninterrupted minutes on . . .)


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