Apple #21

Well, I finally got the charcoal out.

It’s very messy!

And I missed playing with all my beautiful colors.

I don’t think I’ll be using this again, but it’ll do for this week’s offering.

Apple #21

Title: There’s a heart at the center of most everything

Medium: Charcoal in my sketch pad


What word shall we play with today?


Why don’t you go get your pen and paper and timer while I think about an appropriate word for this week’s stream-of-consciousness writing experiment.

I’ve been thinking about good-bye’s this week and all the meetings and partings that make up a life — how joyful the meetings and how difficult the partings — and all the ways we say good-bye.

So long.


God speed.

In the french language, one says adieu when saying good-bye forever (think of the von Trappe Family Singers saying good-by to their beloved country in The Sound of Music), but I much prefer the other word they use which means until we meet again because no good-bye is forever, not even the ones pretending at the finality of death.

See where your pen takes you as you meditate on the page for ten minutes on the word

au revoir

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