Round Five of the Vimala Alphabet

Well, I’ve embarked on another 40 day practice with the Vimala alphabet. This will be my fifth round since I received her handwriting kit for Christmas.

I’ve experimented with several different ways of doing my alphabet meditation, including a month and a half when I overlapped two separate practices, one in the morning and one in the evening. I see now why Vimala suggests only doing three letters at a time. There was a lot going on in my life in that 40 day stretch. Too much going on, in fact!

My three letters for this round are M (the first letter of my name) and F (a letter of my choice) for the full 40 days plus a weekly letter. During this 40 day cycle those weekly letters come from the Family of Learning and Evaluating: Y, U, W and V and the Family of Honoring and Expressing: N and H.

I am not liking how these letters look in this font. It’s on my to-do list to see about using the Vimala font in my blog, but since that is a non-urgent, techie thing it always gets moved to the bottom of the next day’s list. I just might have to make that a priority this week.

So here are the letters in all their intriguing beauty.

You can get a set of these cards for yourself here or here.

The affirmation that goes with this letter is:

 “I, Maxine Spence, give up the need to control; Divine Grace fuels my life.”


This will be my third round transcribing this letter. Do I have control issues? Ya think? In my defence, M is the first letter of my name and, according to Vimala, that letter always contains our greatest life challenge. Luckily, she’s arrived just in time to help me deal with those challenges before I hit the half century mark.

I didn’t discover until half way through the second M-writing round, when I reread Vimala’s book Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life, that it’s imperative to “pull the arcades apart near the baseline rather than tracing back up over them . . . When you retrace arcades, fear is the glue that holds them together. The very act of retracing them reinforces the fear of doing something wrong, something that would veer away from the traditional, something that would cause censure–real or imaginary–from an outside source.”

Sometimes it’s spooky how well Vimala knows me without ever even having met me.

The letter whose qualities I chose to invoke this time around is the letter

The affirmation for this letter is:

 “I, Maxine Spence, am making a significant difference in the world!”

I want my book, Leaf, and all other work I do to make a positive difference in people’s lives so this seemed like a very good letter to work with. I’ve been surprised, considering how motivated I am, by how challenging it’s been to inscribe this letter!

Vimala divides the letter F into five parts (again, this is from her book Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life):

1. Begin at the baseline. “I am grounded.”

2. Loop in the upper zone. “I fully acknowledge my creative gifts.”

3. Lower loop. “I am willing to be in action with my gifts, shaping them into a tangible form that will uplift humanity in some way.”

4. Tie stroke (that’s the tiny loop reaching to the left at the baseline). “Nothing will stop me.”

5. Final garland at the baseline, driving off to the right. “I’ve given it my all; the results are in God’s hands.”

No wonder I’m having a hard time forming this letter. It brings up all my control issues! Hopefully, since I’m prying apart the fear-glued arcades of my M’s at the same time as I meditate on the letter F, I’ll see some positive changes in this area.

Vimala suggests that we keep Miracle Notes to keep track of those positive changes. I’m not so good at writing down the miracles but, as I reflect on the last five months, I am reminded of all the amazing people who have arrived to help me with my book project and the tools I’ve discovered to help me heal some areas of my life that needed help, as well as my reconnection with a couple of friends with whom I had lost touch.

It could be argued that all of those things might have happened without doing my daily alphabet meditations, but I’m not willing to stop the practice to test the theory. Besides, it really is a lovely way to start the day, even if only for the affirmations that set the tone each morning.

Check out Vimala’s website. Subscribe to her newsletter (she always includes an interesting story from someone whose life has been changed by embracing her alphabetical suggestions). And get thee to a bookstore (or your library) to get her book. It looks like this:

And the kit I love so much looks like this

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4 Responses to Round Five of the Vimala Alphabet

  1. Claudia says:

    Thans you for sharing this information. I am starting today with my first 40 days and the letter f is the letter of choice. I started regretting my choice until I found your blog. Thank you so much!

    • maxinespence says:

      You are welcome, Claudia! I’m considering my choices as I prepare to embark on another 40 day round – H is calling again – so it T. Not sure which I’ll go with yet, but every letter provides its own interesting journey. Enjoy the ride!

  2. megan says:

    not sure if you are checking comments here but I am unable to find cards that are lovely like the image pictured here – only a bright yellow card. could you help?? please and thank you

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