Independent Publishers Association of Canada

Leaf is at the printers.

In fact, the pdf proof just arrived in my inbox. Thank you, Trish! (You may remember Trish from the invaluable self-publishing information she shared in a guest blog she wrote every Wednesday a few months ago.)

It’s funny, all through this project I was determined not to rush the process. I wanted things to unfold naturally without pushing or striving in any way. And I did a pretty good job of maintaining that hakuna mata attitude – until 12 days ago.

On May 6th I made a mad rush to Canmore to do some last minute cover work with my book designer Lori Nunn and then hurried on to Blitzprint in Calgary to deliver the USB stick containing all Leaf‘s files.

Why the sudden rush?

I want to have Leaf in hand for the May 28th IPAC meeting so I can get some feedback from them before they break for the summer.

IPAC stands for the Independent Publishers Association of Canada. The Calgary branch meets for breakfast and a meeting at the Danish Canadian Club from 8:30 to noonish on the last Saturday of every month except June, July, August and December. I’ve attended two meetings and have been very impressed with the food (always important!), the information shared by the speakers and by the supportive and friendly members who so generously share their knowledge.

I’ve decided to do only 100 copies for Leaf‘s first print run. I’ve been chugging up a very steep learning curve over the last nine months and, although I’ve learned a lot, I know this first edition will be far from perfect. I’ve done everything I can to make it so, but there are things I don’t even know I should be doing.

The people at IPAC know what they are doing.

If I have Leaf in time for the May meeting, I can show it to all those veteran publishers and get their feedback on everything from font choice to cover design to . . . I don’t even know what all. Then I can implement those changes for my second, much bigger, print run.

That’s my strategy anyway.

Cross your fingers, please, and repeat after me (as many times as you can fit into a 24 hour span), “Maxine Spence will pick up her books on Friday, May 27th.”

Here’s a look at the front cover to help you visualize that box full of books (my printer is down so I can’t scan it directly into the post, but if you click on the link it’ll open up the pdf in all its colorful splendor):

Maxine Spence – Front Cover only

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6 Responses to Independent Publishers Association of Canada

  1. The art work is lovely, looking forward to seeing the contents.

  2. Margaret says:

    Maxine, this is SO exciting” Fingers are crossed and repetitions started 🙂
    AND your strategy sounds SO practical. You go girl!

  3. maxinespence says:

    Thank you, Valerie! I look forward to sharing it with all of you and getting your feedback. Fingers crossed!

  4. Marina says:

    I’m catching up on websites and blogs this morning, and it’s a while since I browsed here – this is a momentous time for you indeed. We may hear your sighs of pleasure (screams of excitement) all the way here in Saskatchewan!? Congrats… Love from MJ & family

  5. maxinespence says:

    Thanks Marina. It might be more like sighs of relief by the time I finally receive my books. I had hoped to have them by today, but I’ll be going empty handed to the IPAC meeting tomorrow. On the bright side, I’ll definitely have them in enough time to do the Book Launch before everyone leaves town for the holidays.

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