Apple # 22

Look what I found in my craft stuff.

Any guesses?

Let’s look a little closer.

Yup. Those are pumpkin seeds.

I think I soaked them in food-colored water and we were going to . . . I have absolutely no idea. Apparently, it never happened. But yesterday’s unfinished project is today’s happy inspiration.

I was going to glue them onto paper, but when I dumped them out on the desk to take a close-up of them, an image flashed into my mind of the monks who make intricate sand paintings and then destroy them as a statement about the impermanence of life (or some such thing) and I decided I’d go zen today.

Title: Apple Zen

Medium: colored pumpkin seeds on the office desk

And now I will release these lovelies to the compost pile and have one less item to find a home for in our newly renovated (and not yet crammed to the brim) rec room.


And you’ve got to know that today’s tumble-down-the-rabbit-hole-stream-of-consciousness writing prompt is going to have something to do with zen or monks or sand paintings. Ponder it while you gather your paper and pen, set your timer and then write for ten uninterrupted minutes on the word


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