How the Leaf was Launched

Oh, what an amazing day we had!

From the cake . . .

which even had a delicious addendum . . .

(Thank you, Angela!)

to the room that had been completely rearranged for our event . . .

and all the people who came to fill the seats . . .

There were even people standing at the back!

Inez said this is the biggest event the library has ever hosted AND (here’s a tidbit I just learned) the Didsbury Library is the oldest library in Alberta SO that means, Leaf’s Launch was the biggest Didsbury Library Event in over 100 years!

Now that’s something to celebrate!

Friends came from near and far.

This photo has captured friends from Didsbury and Olds and Calgary

and surprise visitors from Red Deer and Mundare.

(Mundare!  Now that’s a drive!)

Another surprise visitor came from Leduc but I couldn’t find her smiling face in any of the photos (Louann, you are such a trickster!)

Inez introduced us . . .

while Elsie and I sat like visiting royalty in our thrones at the front of the room.

We talked about the process of writing and illustrating Leaf.

Then I read the book,

(complete with very sweet comments from a little boy who was concerned about Leaf feeling sad)

while Elsie showed her beautiful paintings.

Here’s another tidbit that Elsie told me the night before the launch.

Elsie has hidden her name in most of the paintings so now, in addition to looking for Leaf, children of all ages can search for Elsie’s name camouflaged among the foliage.

I still haven’t found even one!

And I’ve been mooning over these images for several months now.

We don’t have a photo of the best part of the whole event (because I got so caught up in the idea of CAKE that I totally forgot until everyone was up and mingling), but I used my mega-phone voice to get Inez’s attention as Jacob stepped on to the risers.

He “launched” a copy of Leaf (securely swathed in bubble wrap) across the room to Inez who gracefully caught it and placed it on the library shelf.

Leaf was officially launched!

Then we continued with the mingling and cake-eating and book buying and signing.

The young man waiting so patiently in the photo had come to buy a book for his mom.

Wasn’t that sweet of him?

So many people waited patiently to buy their books and get them signed. Sixty-seven copies of Leaf floated out the door on Saturday.

Did I mention that it was amazing?

I did a lot of specific thanking on Saturday so I will just make a general thank you once again to everyone who has supported me on this journey: from Stephen, who listened to my litany of fears as I took my first tentative steps into self-publishing and encouraged me to go for it . . . to the library bursting with friends, family and community well-wishers who came out to support Elsie and I on the day of the launch.

And all of the people who have congratulated me since, saying they had hoped to come to the launch but had other things going on that day. There was a LOT going on in Disbury on Saturday so it makes it triple-sweet that so many people chose to come to our event.


The remains of the cake captures the day perfectly.

Happy. Right to the last morsel.

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9 Responses to How the Leaf was Launched

  1. Margaret says:

    It truly was an amazing day! Everyone did such a good job, right down to Jacob & the “book launch!” Post a photo of that, too precious. And forget Stephen as your manager, Gabriel is much more “manager-savy.” He could go on the road with you!

  2. maxinespence says:

    Hey, looks like someone’s been hacking into my blogsite! Sheesh! Off school two days and he’s already getting into trouble. I wish I could post a photo of Jacob’s “launch,” Maggie, but there are no photos to be had. It’ll have to live on in the minds of the people who witnessed it. Thanks for coming all the way to Didsbury for the event – it made the day even more special having such a great surprise mixed into it.

  3. Lyndsay says:

    It was a pleasure to be a part of the book launch, Maxine. I’m glad it went so well!

  4. maxinespence says:

    It was very neat that you could be a there for it Lyndsay. Now we can start planning OUR launch next year. Any ideas?

  5. maxinespence says:

    Oh, there will DEFINITELY be cake!

  6. MyHrt says:

    Maxine, I am so proud of and excited for you!!!! Looks like the launch was a HUGE hit! I totally would have been there if you lived closer (and vice versa). Ang

  7. maxinespence says:

    Thank you, Angela! It certainly was a wonderful, affirming day. And Elsie and I had another one last night at her showing in Different Strokes Gallery in Olds – again, too far away for many people I know to attend – but it was great fun kibbutzing with the people who braved the thunderstorm and tornado warnings to join us.

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