Only Five Books Left!

Actually, two of those are spoken for so . . .

only THREE books left!


Last night was Elsie’s showing at Different Strokes Gallery in Olds.

It was tres fun!

In a silly moment of oversight, I forgot my camera so I don’t have any photos to share of the event, so picture if you will . . .

Deborah Ohlhausen, the owner of the gallery. She dresses like an eccentric fairy godmother (which is the very best kind) and wears the funkiest eyeglasses I’ve ever seen (I want a wardrobe like hers when I grow up – accessories and all) and treats every person who walks through her door like they are the most important person on earth.

Here’s her card. (no photo, but at least it’s something to break up all this text)

And here’s her website.

Then there was Elsie, of course, so elegant in her black and white ensemble and wearing the leaf pendant that her friends gifted her with when Leaf finally made it to print. She was in her element, graciously welcoming everyone who walked through the door and talking with them about her paintings.

Again, no photo, but if you go to Elsie’s website you can check out all her paintings.

There was a 16 year old piano virtuoso who played beautiful music throughout the entire evening.

There were delicious pinwheel sandwiches and chocolate dipped strawberries to nibble.

(Oh, how I wish I had a photo of those strawberries – they were amazing!)

And there was wine to sample with some cheese.

And mead!

I’m not a wine fan – too acidic for me – but I think I have finally found a special occasion beverage to sip when my friends break out the wine. Other people came away with paintings or copies of Leaf. I went home with a bottle of mead. (And those who know me well know that is a very rare event.)

Anyway, the mead (made primarily of honey and water) was served by a charming young man by the name of Nathan Ryan, who had to find an alternative way to be involved in the family honey business when it was discovered he was allergic to bees.(!)

They do weekend tours of their Water Valley farm. I am most definitely putting that on my list of things to do this summer. Here’s his card.

 And here’s his website.

And then there were all the intrepid visitors who braved the tornado warnings to come see Elsie’s work. I know it was worth the risk to step into an alternate universe of beautiful art where scintillating conversations were underscored by a live piano soundtrack and the mead flowed freely and the Artist of the Hour sang fuhr elise and recited romantic poetry from her youth.

No, I haven’t been sipping on my mead this morning – although that might not be a bad idea. Last night was my first gallery event and I enjoyed every moment of it so I’m allowing myself to wax poetic for a moment or two.

Thank you to all those patrons of the arts who helped us create an “alternate universe” last night!

Aaaaaah. A delicious combination!

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2 Responses to Only Five Books Left!

  1. Good work, how many did you have printed?

  2. maxinespence says:

    Hi Valerie! In the end, I went with 200 copies. And, as of this moment, I have 1 copy left. People have been so receptive and supportive. It’s like a wonderful dream and I’m in no hurry to wake up!

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