Apple #28

Today’s apple was created in honor of the 4,232 Leaf‘s that have taken up residence in our guest room.

At least the two boxes on the right can serve as a nightstand of sorts.

And at the foot of the bed are 4 x 4 = 16 more boxes.

These Leaf’s will be the last ones to leave home. I’m going to tackle the big pile first.

The boxes where delivered to Stephen’s warehouse in Calgary and it took four trips to get them all home in the back of his truck. He’s personally handled a good many of those 4,232 books at least four times: loading dock into warehouse, warehouse to truck, truck to garage landing, garage landing to guest room in the far corner of the basement. The boys and I (and whichever of my sons’ friends were unlucky enough to be around when Stephen arrived with a load) helped to haul them down those stairs.

And now it’s my job to carry every one of those boxes back out.

No pressure.

When they first started arriving, we were stacking them at the bottom of the basement stairs, but I soon realized that having all that inventory staring at me every time I walked by was not having a good effect on my mental health. So we moved them to the guest room.

I apologize in advance to any guests who have to share their sleeping space with that hulking mass of books. Hopefully, all those Leaf‘s will bring you pleasant dreams now that they’re out of nightmare inducing range for me.

So, in honor of Leaf‘s hardcover arrival, I gathered all the old leaves that let go if their branches last autumn and congregated in the corner of the yard.

A warning: your imagination will be mightily stretched with this one.

Apple #28

Title: A Gathering of Leaf‘s

Medium: Leaf and several family members on my lawn

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2 Responses to Apple #28

  1. Yvonne says:

    I love it!!!

    What a fantastic delivery and what a wonderful way to represent it. Congratulations Maxine.

  2. maxine spence says:

    Thanks Yvonne! You’re a peach!

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