Manifesting 101

We have a bulletin board in our kitchen that holds all manner of information necessary for the efficient functioning of our family. I carved out a 6 inch Vision Border for us to tack up pictures of the things we would like to create in our lives.

My husband and oldest son have not used that space at all. In fact, I need to be vigilant about removing the bills and business cards and appointment reminders and other detritus that are randomly tacked in that space.

I have posted a picture of the Dalai Lama (to represent the peace I strive to create in my life) and a quote I like and a postcard of the Prince Edward Island Inn I wanted to visit (which I did, for a whole week last autumn) and a picture of a couple on a European river boat cruise and two beautiful scenes to represent the country home I would like to live in.

Although something’s been niggling me lately about those country pictures. They are both winter scenes. Beautiful winter scenes, but do I really want to have all that snow and cold in my life? Hmmm. I need to rethink that.

My youngest son, Jacob, has taken this Vision Board the most seriously. Everything he has posted on that board has been brought into form. Everything! One by one, pictures of an ipod, a motorbike and a snowboard have been removed from the board as they came into his life.

He even manifested a trampoline! And that was after he had removed the picture from the board in resignation and disgust.

Let me explain.

After countless conversations, he finally understood that under no circumstances would we be erecting a trampoline in our back yard. However, he obviously didn’t stop thinking about it and dreaming about it after he removed it from the Vision Board.

A few months ago some new neighbors moved in. They have a trampoline. Last month, Jacob took care of their animals and plants while they were away for a week. He admired the trampoline up close, but he did not jump on it. When the neighbors returned, he negotiated free use of the trampoline as part of his payment. They’re away again this week and he has spent innumerable airborne hours in their back yard.

We sometimes give up on our dreams when our meagre, little minds can’t figure out how we could possibly get what we want. But if we can keep imagining it in a positive way – imagining ourselves jumping on the trampoline of our dreams – it will show up in ways we never imagined as well as in ways that work out best for everyone involved. The trampoline Jacob manifested has a very good guard net all the way around it so my concerns have been taken into consideration as well.

Jacob’s best manifesting story, however, started a few months ago.

He decided he wanted to trade in his BMX bike for a mountain bike. And he wanted the new bike in time for our trip to Naramata in July. This time he didn’t put a picture up on the Vision Board, but he ate, slept and talked constantly about this new bike. It was very annoying for those of us who live with him. Every conversation ended up on the topic of Jacob’s mountain bike.

He told a neighbor of his plans (not the trampoline neighbor, but the neighbor on the other side of us) and our neighbor hired him to do odd jobs for him. Other friends (who didn’t know about his obsession) offered a rock picking job and a painting job. A complete stranger offered him a dog-sitting job when we stopped for a chat one night on our walk. Then came the trampoline neighbor’s housesitting job.

Every day, he counted his money and checked out pictures of his bike on the internet. He convinced his dad to take him to Linden to the bike store so he could see what they had and find out how much of a trade-in he could get for his old bike.

Unfortunately, despite his intense desire, he did not have enough money to buy his new bike before we left for Naramata. So he borrowed his older brother’s mountain bike. Since we were only taking one bike, we almost left behind the hardware for transporting the second bike on the bike rack, but in the end, Stephen tossed in all the bike rack hardware anyway.

We drove to Kelowna the first night where we stopped to visit with friends. Over dinner, Jacob was talking about the mountain bike he was going to get. My friend’s boyfriend asked him specifically what he was looking for. After listening carefully, he told Jacob that his son had outgrown his bike. Would he like to have a look at it? When Jacob got up the next morning – the morning we were set to arrive in Naramata – the bike was in the back yard.

It still gives me shivers.

Not only did Jacob get his new mountain bike in time for Naramata, it cost him nothing but the promise to pass it on to another child when he was done with it AND we had all the necessary bike rack hardware to transport it.

Jacob’s Steps to Manifesting are amazing simple.

1. Decide what you want. (Did I say ‘simple?’ This is actually way more difficult than it sounds. We are all very good at fixating on what we don’t want, but you would be surprised how many people cannot articulate what they want. This is where it is very useful to be child-like in our desires.)

2. Think about it and talk about it and imagine enjoying it in technicolor, feel-good detail.

3. Take action to get it.

4. Believe and trust that it will arrive.

5. Get out of the way. We may think we’ve figured out the best way to bring it into our lives, but there are other forces at play much bigger than us.

As of this week, Jacob has started researching and talking about an Ipod Touch and a truck. Yes, a truck! My 12 year old is thinking ahead. He borrowed the camera to take a photo of a red truck that caught his eye and once we figure out how to download and print it, it will be tacked into place on the Vision Board, right next to my favorite of all his Vision Board reminders:

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3 Responses to Manifesting 101

  1. Margaret says:

    Maxine, I LOVE this story!! Way to go, Jacob!

  2. Laura says:

    Wow – what an amazing post! I am truly inspired!!!

  3. maxine spence says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty neat to watch. Now if I could just learn from him!

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