Apple #29

This week’s apple is in honor of my first ever internet order from a complete stranger.

That’s right!

Someone I have never met or had any connection with actually ordered a copy of Leaf online.


Maybe this is the start of a new trend where Maxine actually embraces technology and becomes adept at using it and looks forward to spending time doing the innumerable, not-as-easy-as-everyone-says things that need doing in order to be hip and savvy in this online world.

Well . . . I can dream, anyway.

Apple #29

Title: Happy Dance Apple

Medium: watercolor pencil crayons on white bond paper

Wanna be part of the Happy Dance?

Go to and order to your heart’s content!

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2 Responses to Apple #29

  1. Yvonne says:

    I love this apple! Not only because it represents a new step forward for you, into the crazy world of tech (though what a way to get it started…thank you online person), but because it represents my leap into uncharted waters as well. Happy dance, indeed.

  2. maxine spence says:

    You are waaaaay out in the deep end of those uncharted waters, my friend. But you seen to be treading water very well!

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