Apple #31

Last weekend, we enjoyed a weekend devoted to the arts here in my little town.

It was a wonderful weekend of art-related activities for all ages.

Elsie Archer, who did the illustrations for my book, Leaf,

offered the opportunity for people to play around with a Japanese art form known as


(say that 3 times, real fast)

I took the opportunity to use yet another medium to create my Friday Apple. (You might have to stand waaaaay back from your computer screen and squint your eyes to see it.)

Apple #31

Title: Suminagashapple

Medium: specially doctored acrylic paint and algae-type-stuff on water and transferred to ordinary white paper

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2 Responses to Apple #31

  1. Yvonne says:

    This might be my favourite apple yet. Is that pure expression or self, or what?

  2. maxine spence says:

    or what

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