Manifesting 101 – addendum

I have to share an addition to the amazing Jacob manifesting stories I shared back in August.

Sometimes we get an immediate ‘yes’ to the things we ask for – even when we waffle at first.

Jacob was standing in the Food Court of the Balzac Mall trying to decide what to have for lunch.

Pasta? Pizza?


No, pizza.

He placed his order for pizza, but no sooner were the words out of his mouth than he regretted his decision.

I wish I’d said pasta. Why didn’t I say pasta? I’d rather have pasta, he thought as he watched the clerk prepare his order. He was too shy to speak up and tell her he’d changed his mind, but it didn’t stop his mind from racing as he watched her remove a slice from the pizza . . .

I’d rather have pasta

watched as she placed the pizza on a plate . . .

I’d rather have pasta

handed it to her co-worker . . .


The pizza hit the floor.

She stared at the runaway pizza for a moment, looked apologetically at Jacob and reached for another piece of pizza.

“That’s okay,” Jacob blurted. “I’ll have the pasta.”

Sometimes it’s just that easy.


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