I just had an OMG moment.

It blossomed all of a sudden

kind of like my beautiful amaryllis bulb did this week

I was updating the home page of my website, listing the stores which have opened their shelves to Leaf.

There are a LOT of stores!

And I visited every single one.

(well, not the Winnipeg branch of McNally Robinson, but all the rest!)

There are 21 in Alberta, 8 in Saskatchewan, 1 in Manitoba and 14 in British Columbia.

A grand total of 44 stores.


Thank you. Thank you! THANK YOU!!

to all these amazing store owners

and to all the people who have purchased Leaf from or at a Farmers’ Market or in person right here in Didsbury.

I am very grateful for all your support.

This truly is a blossoming kind of feeling,

warm and red

starting in my heart and radiating in all directions.

Can you feel it?

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2 Responses to OMG!

  1. Karla Ferguson says:

    Why not the Winnipeg McNally’s? I’d come… 🙂
    (and congratulations!)

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