A Fun Story

So here’s a fun Leaf-making-friends-out-in-the-world story.

Our friend David phoned last Sunday. His wife, Pat, had gone off to church so he decided to spend some time in the Church of Friendship and called Stephen to catch up.

Before I handed the phone over to Stephen, David told me a story. He and Pat knew I was publishing a book and had been keeping their eye out for it, but hadn’t seen it anywhere. Then one day, while they were visiting their son’s family, they were shown a beautiful book that the other set of grandparents had bought for the grandkids. When they looked at it, they realized it was my book.

They couldn’t find Leaf so Leaf found them!

And they liked it so much that they made sure all the rest of their grandchildren received a copy as well.

(cut to Maxine doing the Happy Dance)

I love hearing stories like this!

A similar one unfolded this weekend at the Cremona Christmas Market. A young man and his three children pounced on Leaf when they walked in to the United Church and saw my display table.

“We have this book!” the kids exclaimed and we had a lovely discussion about their favorite parts and their favorite pictures.

Turns out they received their copy from their Grandma.

Here’s to all the grandparents out there who are gifting Leaf to their grandchildren.

And here’s to people like Denise and Morley Dickson of Crandleberry’s in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, who are making Leaf available to grandparents and parents and anyone else who might be touched by Leaf’s story.

Thank you ALL!

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