And a Cheery Red Christmas To All!

I love red!

Not too much at one time, mind you.

Just little splotches of it that add a jolt of color here and there.

And Christmas is a perfect time of year to add those touches.

a poinsetta on my stereo stand

candles in the corner

an amaryllis on the table (and there’s my pottery apple, too!)

and, thanks to Ikea, even a red bedspread!

They give me little jolts of joy every time I see them.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I wish you all a little jolt of joy every time you see the color red

or blue

or whatever color

or person

or memory

or pet



that you love.

ps. Alfred says Merry Christmas, too!

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2 Responses to And a Cheery Red Christmas To All!

  1. MyHrt says:

    Alfred huh? 🙂 I like the name… Merry Christmas to you as well. Oh and I like shots of red, blue… Dabs of orange and bright green…well, I just like color. Enjoy your moments with your family…etch them in your memory bank. Love you, Ang

  2. maxine spence says:

    No surprise that you would like the name, Ang (considering who your father is and all). Thanks for the Christmas wishes – here’s wishing you a COLORFUL New Year!

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