New Year’s Goals, Anyone?

I read, not long ago, that if,

on January 1st,

you wrote down your goals on a piece of paper,

sealed it in an envelope,

put the envelope in a drawer,

and forgot about it for the rest of the year,

come December 31st,

when you opened the drawer,

ripped open the envelope,

and read what you had written twelve months earlier,

you would be amazed at how many of those goals came to fruition

without ever consciously ‘working’ on them.

Cool, eh?

I wonder if it really works.

Although something tells me it probably does.

Because something very similar happened to us

(or more particularly, to Stephen).

Approximately nine years ago, we were standing in the only room in our ‘new’ home that faces the street. We decided it would be Gabriel’s bedroom, but as we pondered things, Stephen said, “One day this will be my home office. There will be a row of clocks on the wall telling me what time it is in every part of the world and a TV monitor in one corner streaming the stock market information while I sit at my desk working.”

“Sounds great,” I replied. “I think we should put Gabriel’s bed over there.”

He didn’t write this vision down

or stick it in an envelope for a later date

and neither of us ever mentioned it again.

Years passed.

Stephen drove into Calgary every weekday to work in his office there.

Gabriel grew older and asked to move downstairs.

Stephen built him a new bedroom in the basement

and moved the desk and computer upstairs into Gabriel’s old bedroom.

A couple more years passed

and suddenly

in one weekend

Stephen’s company went from a small, family-run business

to a small cog in a much bigger organization.

There were changes

and re-organizations

and Stephen found himself in the enviable position of giving up the daily drive to the city in order to walk the few short steps down the hall every weekday morning

to work in his home office.

Over Christmas

as he purged the room of clutter

and repainted the office a soothing, zen green

and assembled a new, executive desk

I remembered our conversation nine years earlier.

There’s now a TV in one corner,

although not (yet) in a position where he could actually see the stock prices streaming across the screen should he choose to turn it on

and guess what I got him for Christmas?

Four clocks.

For the four different Canadian/US time zones he’ll be working in this year.

Fun, eh?

And kind of spooky.

The power of the word

whether written or spoken (or even thought)

is greater than we ever could have imagined.

What did you announce to the world X days/weeks/months/years ago that is bearing fruit for you today?

Is that fruit bitter?

Or sweet?

And what kind of tomorrow are today’s words creating?

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