A New Someone to Love: Krahe

Lately, I seem to have a thing for our feathered friends, especially the ones cloaked in black.

There’s the image that greets me every morning on the front cover of my current journal,

and yesterday I finally brought home another fellow I’ve been courting for awhile.

I first saw him when I walked through the doors of The Only One Under the Sun in Carstairs way back in August.

We made eye contact – okay, to be completely frank, I stared at him quite boldly for a socially unacceptable amount of time. It must have shook him up a bit because the next time I visited he had deserted the premises and no matter how many times I popped in, hoping to surprise him, he was not to be found.

Until yesterday.

I walked into the store and there he stood, in the exact same spot. The six months between my first visit and that moment of reconnection collapsed into a fine mist.

His name is Krahe.

Which I assume means ‘Crow’ in German since his creator is a German artist by the name of Hurll Meier.

Isn’t he . . . intense?

I chatted with Shirley, the owner of the store, while I sized him up again. She told me that a lot of other people had their eye on him, including none other than Sheldon Valleau of Polyjesters fame, whose world-famous Cafe Radio was right next door.

Sheldon was mere steps away.

He could come over any time he felt a hankering to commune with my melancholy, shiny-eyed friend. And, on any one of those visits, he might decide that was the day to take Krahe home.

I made small talk with Shirley while I mentally calculated what was in my ‘something special’ savings envelope. I learned that she had a few more copies of Krahe in the back, but the company that sold the prints was going out of business so once her stash was gone, I might never lay eyes on my brooding friend again.

My calculations complete and any guilt I might have felt about swiping Krahe from under Sheldon’s nose alleviated (after all, there were a few more in the back of Shirley’s store) I emptied my wallet.

Right down to the last few coins.

And the lonely half of an earring pair.

I resisted the urge to push open the Cafe Radio door on my way to the car, arm in wing with my fine feathered friend, and sing a little nanananapoopoo ditty. It was noon and, as I said, my wallet was empty. I did not need to be tantalized by their huge bowls of delicious soup or their decadent desserts.

Krahe’s in my office for the moment until I figure out the perfect perch for him in my home. Alfred’s already told him his sorry story while he waits for a follicle transplant and has warned him of the Devil Cat who thinks she rules the premises.

But something tells me Krahe has nothing to fear from Kally.

Or anyone, for that matter.

He’s a poet/philosopher/musician Crow unto himself.

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4 Responses to A New Someone to Love: Krahe

  1. Helena says:

    Hello Maxine, I enjoy reading your posts and would like to pass on to you two awards I’ve received recently. Feel free to accept them or not. For details see: http://awakenbyhelena.wordpress.com/. Blessings, Helena

  2. Kip Keen says:

    I have the exact same picture of Krahe (nice to be able to put a name to it) I actually saw him in a store in Golden, BC and fell in love with him the minute I walked into the store. Thought I would think about it over night. The next morning I woke and said to myself “I think I’ll go and pick up the picture”, but alas the store was closed as it was a Sunday. I had retired from Canadian Pacific Railway and was leaving for Nova Scotia in two days. A couple of weeks later I received this picture in the mail at my new home in NS. My daughter had called up the lady that owned the store and asked if she could send it onto me. What a wonderful surprise. I love him. He has been hanging on my wall since 2008.

    • maxinespence says:

      Oh my! And this has languished in my comment section since 2015! My apologies, Kip!! Thank you so much for sharing this story! Yes, Krahe definitely has a hypnotizing effect, worming his way into our first-thought-of-the-day until you bring him home. (Or in your case, until someone sends him to you.) How nice that your daughter made that happen! He still hangs in the space I chose for him. I love seeing him when I walk in the room! I hope your Nova Scotia retirement is going well. I so love the Maritimes!

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