I am so not ready for this!

So, this is a pretty cool tuque, wouldn’t you say?

Exhibit A

Especially if you’re a Saskatchewan Roughriders fan. And our house is full of them.

And, on those days that I work at it,

Exhibit B

I clean up pretty well. At least, not too bad for someone at the far end of 40, wouldn’t you say?

So, help me understand, how it is that when Exhibit B dons Exhibit A, she becomes a . . .

–wait for it–



That’s my new persona, as coined by my 16 year old son and seconded by my 13 year old son (after a moment of serious study as I stared hopefully back at him waiting for his verdict – after all, he is the fashion conscious one of the family).

The fact that he agreed with his brother is the most damning thing of all.

They never agree with each other.

But you know what the really sad part is?

I think they thought they were giving me a compliment.

Fashionable Grandma.


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