Breathing Space

So, as part of my journey from creating Leaf to Creating Sanctuary, I decided to take the plunge and offer young mothers some Breathing Space.

When I explained my vision to one of the groups I spoke to recently, one response was ‘every woman needs that, not just young mothers.’ That’s true, but when I think about creating a sanctuary of rest and renewal, it’s the mothers I envision.

The mothers who pour all their love and creativity into their families and communities to the detriment of their own soul.

The mothers who put the needs and demands of every other being on the planet before their own needs and desires and find themselves dragging through the never-ending to-do list their lives have become, exhausted, depleted, and maybe a just a titch resentful.

The mothers who have lost touch with who they are and what they love (beyond their children, of course).

The mothers who have effectively erased themselves.

I guess it doesn’t have to be young mothers, does it?

So I took my first step and created a poster. It can’t have been too pathetic a poster, because I’ve already had a couple responses. One, in particular, was very sweet.

I paraphrase:

Sweet Woman: I saw your poster and thought ‘that’s exactly what I need!’ So tell me what it’s all about.

Me: Well, what did you envision when you saw it being exactly what you need?

Sweet Woman: I saw the chance to connect with other like-minded women.

Me: Then that’s what we’ll create.

I don’t have a curriculum or a specific, step-by-step outline we will follow from week to week (which is rare for me, believe me!) but my vision does have three very clear components–Connection, Creative Exploration, and Solitude. How those components come together from week to week will depend on the women in the group.

As I’ve been holding this vision of a nurturing space for women to rest, explore and get back in touch with the people they are beneath all the roles they play, an interesting thing has been happening. Lyrics from songs, passages from books, experiences I’ve had, and amazing ideas will float into my head out of nowhere, it seems. I’ve started to collect books and CD’s and objects in a basket to share with with the group of women who will be joining me in this journey. I am so excited for the possibilities!

Here’s the poster I created. Please, pass it on to any Didsbury and area mothers you know who might benefit from some mothering.

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2 Responses to Breathing Space

  1. lorienyoga says:

    I need to be mothered! I wish I could join in with your group. I definitely can relate to the idea of forgetting who I am beyond the roles I play on a daily basis. I’m able to write a few lines in my journal every once in a while, but forget about my yoga practice–and my art supplies are all languishing in a box down in the basement. I’m tired most days, and I miss my self. My creative self. And my husband wonders why I’m so moody! Have fun with your much needed group of mindful mothers!

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