Oh, Vimala!

So . . . in February, we embarked on a twelve month journey in The Art of Extreme Self-Care as beautifully presented by Cheryl Richardson.

Month One went pretty well.

Month Two is proving to be a little more challenging.

Who knew it could be so hard to proclaim your love for yourself to yourself?

Two things happen, without fail, whenever Yours Truly proclaims anything: A) people/books/experiences show up to help me in my quest and B) the exact opposite of what I have proclaimed shows up. (To help me in my quest?)

Case in point:

Let’s back up a couple of weeks. I am on Day 7 of Self-love Proclamation.


In the interest of complete transparency, I need to admit that I am actually on Day 37 of Self-love Proclamation. I knew this was going to be a huge challenge for me so I started early. To iron out the bugs before I walked the path with you. Or something.


Anyway, in the First Week of the Second Month of the Mirror Exercise, I was drawn back to the Vimala Alphabet (see A above).

I have shared some of my Adventures in Vimala Land here and here. If you recall, transcribing the letters is like a meditation that Vimala invites us to do in 40 day cycles. Last May (oy! was that a whole year ago?) I embarked on a 40 day cycle that consisted of the Letter M (which is all about letting go of control) and the Letter F (which involves making a difference in the world by “expressing our talents fully, in service to humanity, with no attachment to the results of our actions.”)

Do you think maybe invoking those two things might have stirred up some stuff?

Maybe some resistance?

Well, I made it to Day 31 and then was interrupted by, of all things, the Discover Your Genius weekend I attended (and was blown away by) AND the arrival of the first edition of Leaf.

I gamely picked up the pen again, made it 4 days, fell off and stuttered along like that — starting, stopping, starting again — until November. I restarted my 40 Day commitment to M and F no less than sixteen times!

And then I got really, really, really, really, really sick.

And I gave up.

Fast forward six months to May, 2012. I’ve committed to the Extreme Self-Care Mirror Exercise and have invited Vimala’s meditations on the alphabet into my life again.

Why not? Can’t hurt. Might help.

So, I’m dutifully saying the words “I love you, Maxine” whenever I look in the mirror — and feeling mighty uncomfortable, I might add — and I start Day One of releasing control (again-sigh) with

and (because I think I need to build some more muscle before I can tackle Vimala’s F again – it was incredibly challenging to write – and because the H really spoke to me this time)

 And then promptly proceeded to splatter myself against the Upper Limit ceiling I told you about last week. (See B above.)

Once I realized what had happened, I regrouped and decided I needed some help in the self-love department and added:

I am happy to report that I am on Day 8 of inscribing these three letters (one fifth of the way through the practice). I am loving my morning meditation with M, H and especially P and, I’m not sure, but I think I might be a titch more receptive when I whisper sweet nothings to myself in the mirror.

I’ll let you know when we finally happily make it to arrive at the end of this month’s exploration.

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8 Responses to Oh, Vimala!

  1. lorienyoga says:

    I made it faithfully through a handfull of 40 day cycles and then I had my second baby…

    I figured that keeping up with my daily meditation was enough of a challenge without claiming even more time for myself for writing. Some day soon I hope to pick up my handwriting practice again. I’m glad you have come back to your practice, good for you!!

  2. Yvonne says:

    The mantra I’ve been repeating each morning is: “I like myself! And something wonderful is happening today!” And you know what? Something wonderful always does.

  3. That’s wonderful, Yvonne! (tee hee)

  4. Aynsley Saxe says:

    Love your humorous & sincerity. Just bought the book & am embarking on the letters. What an adventure!

    • Aynsley Saxe says:

      oops – that would be “humour” – not “humourous” …:D

      • maxinespence says:

        Hi Aynsley! Oh, you are in for a treat. I’m just preparing to embark on another round. I got to Day 37 on my C’s and R’s and ‘forgot.’ Apparently, I need more time with those two letters. I see that you also signed up to receive my posts. Thank you! I hope they continue to be enjoyable for you. Curious – what letters have you started with? And are you a singer? Your photo hints that might be the case.

        • Aynsley Saxe says:

          What a journey the book is already – I’ve started with the letters A, H (I was leaning that direction and your blog inspired me to that one too) and G. I’ve also been realizing I need to recreate my signature! And to answer you’re question, yes, I am a singer (and the A is helping me along those lines haha). Looking forward to keeping connected. Aynsley 🙂

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