Giving and Receiving

Tuesday evening, as I was talking about my most amazing day with my 13 year old son, Jacob, he said to me, “The other night when I couldn’t sleep I pulled out my snowboarding magazine and there was a guy interviewed who said, ‘The moment you stop giving is the moment you stop receiving.'”

Lightbulb moment.

That very afternoon had been the first session of a 6 week course I was offering for frazzled moms called Breathing Space.

I had talked to a couple of Moms’ groups about it and put posters up around town. Daycares and preschools had graciously put individual invitations in each child’s mailbox to take home to their moms. I wrote a blog about it and posted information on my Turtle Dreams facebook page.

Several people expressed interest and, in the end, one woman registered. I was ecstatic! And vowed to give this woman my all.

And I did.

It was a wonderful afternoon.

When she left, I was filled to bursting with the unparalleled joy of giving from my place of genius.

Half and hour later, I opened a congratulatory email from a librarian friend in a neighboring town who had read in the Sunday edition of the Herald that my book, Leaf, was #3 on the Calgary fiction Bestseller List.


To my wise son, Jacob – this wonderful quote can also be expressed in another way:

The more you give of your loving Self, the more you receive in return. And it arrives in surprising, magical ways.

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