Congratulations Laura Crowe!

This month’s Extreme Self-Care wrap-up has been preempted by the arrival (finally!) of Laura Crowe’s newly published book of true short stories.

Congratulations, Laura!

And congratulations moi!

(Yours Truly has a story in this collection. So now there are two of my stories out in the great, wide world. How fun!)

There’s a Book Launch at our beloved library here in Didsbury on Friday, September 14 at 7:00 pm.

Laura and I and 12 other Central Alberta authors will be there to read tidbits from our stories  and swig some champagne. (Or sip it nicely, depending on the crowd, I guess.)

Actually, the Book Launch is the opening celebration for Didsbury’s second annual Arts Festival taking place that weekend. Both Laura and I are part of the Mountain View Arts Society that is sponsoring the Festival (as well as Arts Festival Committee members – another contributing factor in the wrap-up pre-emption). In fact there are a lot of parallels between Laura’s and my life these days.

Both long-time writers.

Both recently self-published.

Both stretched way out of our comfort zones in the last few years as we went from closet writers to published authors.

Both with teenage children travelling to other countries for 5 month exchanges (her daughter to Japan, my son to France).

Both hosting teenage girls from other countries (hers from Japan, mine from Austria).

Both bestsellers on every list going.

Ha! I was on a roll so why not go big?

Anyway – I may write the Extreme Self-Care wrap-up tomorrow as we drive to the mountains for a day of hiking.

Or I may just continue reading our book until it’s done.

I guess we’ll all know by tomorrow night this time what went down.

In the meantime, here’s that book again.

See you at the Launch!

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One Response to Congratulations Laura Crowe!

  1. Inez says:

    Hi Maxine, what a lovely announcement! and congratulations to you both! However, just one tiny detail – the Launch and Opening Reception are indeed on Friday, but it is September 14, not 15.
    see you then,

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