Apple #34

Well, it’s been awhile.

I haven’t been thinking ‘apples’ for quite some time.

And then a friend reminded me of them a couple of weeks ago when we were in the middle of our second annual Arts Festival here in Didsbury. One of the weekend’s activities was a collaborative art project. Several rain barrels were made available for people to follow their artistic whims.

I was studying the barrel, wondering aloud what I should paint, when a friend said, as if it was the most self-evident thing in the world, “Paint an apple!”

So I did.

Apple #34

Title: Rainy Day Apple

Medium: house paint on rain barrel

Here’s a close-up.

When I searched the archives to see what number this apple was, I saw that my last apple was way back in April. At this pace, I’ll be close to the century mark myself before I reach my hundredth apple. Maybe I’ll ‘paint’ an apple on my birthday cake for that auspicious day.

In the meantime, I’ll strive to get back in the apple groove – in an extreme self-care kind of way.


One of the best parts of our Arts Festival this year were the Vikings. We had the Sons of Fenrir come from Calgary to set up their tents and take us back to Viking days. They were so much fun! In addition to staging battles to teach about their weapons and fighting styles, they equipped the local kids with noodle swords and engaged in combat (you would not believe how blood-thirsty young girls can be!), they joined in with the bellydancers on the stage, they took the shuttle bus to raid the Quilt Exhibit at the Train Station and storm the Museum (where, despite the hospitality extended to them in the way of tea and muffins, one of them tried to make off with a comely serving maid) and they crashed the concert Saturday night, ‘dispensing’ in true Viking style with the improv guy, making off with the improv gal and then returning to entertain us all with a rousing Viking song.

They provided the inspiration for our exchange student, Sarah’s, addition to the Collaborative art Barrel.

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2 Responses to Apple #34

  1. lorien says:

    Yay, good for you! Let those creative (apple) juices flow!

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