Vimala’s Ff

I’m not sure why I have such a fascination for the Vimala alphabet.

vimala's kit

Maybe because it’s such a simple transformational tool.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it involves pen and paper, two of my favorite mediums.

I’ve done a few 40 day cycles. And a few that I consistently bail on partway through the 40 day cycle. A couple that were stopped and started so many times that they turned into 80+ day cycles that I plugged away at, continually reminding myself that it’s the process that’s important, not gettin’ ‘er done. 

I continue to strive to form my letters in the new way Vimala suggests in my everyday correspondence, including the ubiquitous to-do list, but I haven’t done a formal practice for awhile.

‘Til lately.

On the one hand, I’m taking it slow, only practicing one letter a day, instead of the usual three letters. On the other hand I chose a very challenging letter:

vimala F

This is one of the letters that I have not been able to take the full 40 days.

I don’t have a problem with its Declaration of Intent:


I have finally recognized that the years I have spent parenting my boys into the remarkable young men they are is significant and will make a long-lasting difference in the world.

My book, Leaf, is making a difference in the lives of the people who have read it and I continue to believe that the other stories and pictures clamouring to get out of my head will make a difference as well.

I also have no problem with the first two parts of F’s Affirmation:

Expressing my talents fully (yes, I strive to do that),

in service to humanity (my ultimate goal for the things I create is to uplift, inspire and delight which humanity could benefit from, I think)

with no attachment to the results of my actions. (SCREECH! That was me coming to a full stop.)

am attached to the results of my actions.

I want everyone to love my creations. (Yes, everyone. How unrealistic is that?)

I want my books to sell out. (People clamouring for them while waiting impatiently for the newest edition to be printed would be a very nice touch, actually.)

And I want a never ending flow of creative ideas and the unlimited funds to bring those creations to reality.

As you can see, I’m quite attached to my attachment.

Which is maybe one of the reasons why I find Vimala’s letter F such a challenge.

I described the four steps to forming the lowercase f in this post, so I won’t go into again here. Suffice it to say that I have no problem with the first step: (“I am grounded.”)

and, in the second step, my upper zone loop has learned to reach a little taller and show up a little fatter – but not always: (“I fully acknowledge by creative gifts.”)

Step # 3 trips me up nearly every time. Instead of a nice long, fat loop plunging into the lower zone, I too often have an anorexic stick masquerading as a loop. And I guess I understand why when I see what that loop represents: (“I am willing to be in action with my gifts, shaping them into a tangible form that will uplift humanity in some way.”) Hmmm. The uplift part is there, but the action part is often lacking. It’s so easy to hide out in my own little creative world.

Step #4 – the tie stroke means “nothing will stop me” and is often either too fat or nonexistent. And it’s true! I’m easily stopped in my forward trajectory.

The last step, the final stroke at the baseline that drives off to the right after that tricky tie stroke, means, “I’ve given it my all; the results are in God’s hands.” I can do this part fairly well, mainly because I’m only too willing to hand off most of the responsibility to whoever will take it. And God will do quite nicely, thank you.

It’s quite a leap to believe that by changing the way I form a certain letter of the alphabet, I can change my way of being in the world. But my experiences with Vimala have borne fruit. The shift from being personality driven to more soul powered has been most apparent in the realm of control.

Vimala’s letter M (which happens to be the first letter of my name) was also a challenge to master and (surprise, surprise) so is the whole issue of control.


General Manager of the Universe, that’s me.

Or rather, that used to be me.

know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that inscribing my M’s according to Vimala’s suggestions has helped me to let go of my huge need to control everything in my surroundings.

How do I know?

I don’t know how I know.

I just know that there’s a link between inscribing Vimala’s M’s and my more relaxed way of being in the world.

So that’s why, when F came calling, I knew it was time to roll up my sleeves and start writing.

Vimala tells us there’s an angel attached to each letter of the alphabet so I’ve created a prayer to go with my handwritten meditative practice:

Jophiel, Angel of Creative Power, please keep my mind and heart open to unusual and innovative ideas–and ways to implement them.

And because I’m such a chicken bok bok, I added:

And Cerviel, Angel of Courage (and of the letter H) please give me the courage to act on those ideas.

Today is Day 18.

Yesterday I was gifted with a huge rush of new ideas for a series of uplifting books for young readers.


I think not.

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