Creativity doesn’t have to be this HUGE thing

Too often, I think we hear the word, creativity, through a filter of novels written, paintings hung, dances performed, plays produced.

Creativity is more – and considerably less – than that.

What we create does not matter in the least

as long as the process of creating brings us joy.

It’s bonus, if we like what we’ve made:

the experimental empty-the-fridge soup is delicious (not to mention irreproducible),

the bedtime story we make up on the spot for a fretful child brings them peace (and sleep)

the new living room arrangement makes the house feel more light and expansive . . . a perfect invitation to Spring

the furniture we make out of boxes is functional and beautiful.


Remember all those boxes I moved a couple of weeks ago? Some of them are now living here:


Title: Creativity in its Simplest Form 

Medium: Boxes of Leaf and found household objects

Not a bad transformation, eh?

It reminds me of the early days of our marriage when our home was furnished in ‘early cardboard’ strategically decorated with my grandma’s doilies.

When all my boxes of Leaf first arrived in August of 2011, we stacked them in this spot at the bottom of the stairs. But I had a mini panic attack every time I walked down the stairs (and every time they slid into my peripheral vision when I went by the top of the stairs) (in fact, every time I neared the staircase, which was a hundred times a day) so we moved them out of sight. They’ve been moved several times now to accommodate the needs of our family and the arrival of a long-term house guest. For the past five months they had been lining the downstairs hallways.

In their most recent incarnation, I split them up. One bunch created a lamp-and-snack-holding side table beside the movie-watching couch downstairs. Another bunch is inconspicuously hanging out behind the drafting table. And this bunch is providing a spot of color at the foot of the stairs.

What better way to be creative?

Take one ‘problem.’

Use the raw materials at your disposal.

Create something functional AND pleasing to the eye,

not to mention smile-inducing,

and voila.


Easy peasy.

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