And to All a Colorful New Year

Over the last few years, I’ve learned to be vigilant when I attend Christmas Markets. Other than saying hello to my fellow vendors, I keep my eyes down as I bring in my market paraphernalia and focus only on my own wares as I set-up and take-down my table. I leave my spot only when nature calls and I never dally on my way back to my seat.

These precautions are necessary if I want to come home in the black, which was certainly not the case my first few markets. I’ve since managed to train myself and have had a successful run of bringing in more than I spend.

Until this year.

The first Christmas Market of the season I was quietly minding my own business, smiling and greeting passers-by, chatting to people about my books and cards, even occasionally enjoying the opportunity to sign copies of Leaf. The day was going very well.

Every once in a while, my eye would be caught by a flash of color off to the right, but I resolutely refused to look any closer. Until about an hour from close-up when I just couldn’t resist any longer. I gave in to the siren’s call.

And, oh, what a delicious sight met my eyes.

The table was a riot of color. Like a garden of flowers, a succulent feast in our closing-down-for-winter world. As I watched, people would lift up an item to look more closely–those were the flashes of color calling to me–and yet another delicious color hidden beneath that item would be revealed.

And then I realized that what the people were holding out in front of them (or maybe, holding up for me to see more clearly) were aprons.


I am not, and never have been, a collector of anything (except books, maybe). I thought of collecting roosters for awhile, just because I like them. And then, with the creation of Turtle Dreams, I thought I might collect turtles. But I’m also always striving to reduce the clutter in my life and I would prefer to surround myself with things that are beautiful and functional so I decided against starting a collection (except books).

But aprons. Hmmmm.

I have an on-going love affair with color and these aprons were very colorful. And definitely functional. I am a messy cook and my apron is as indispensable as my favorite spatula.

So, with minutes to go in the day, I broke all my market-going rules. I leapt from my table and bolted across the aisle. At one point, I had four aprons in my hand (it didn’t help that she was only charging $15 for these beautiful works of art), but I managed to whittle my purchase down to two.

Which still gave me four aprons because they are reversible!

Apron #1, side 1 – pink paisley; I love the spoon applique!

IMG_0680Apron #2, side 2 – pretty fleurs; this has become my Sunday morning pancake flipping apron


Apron #2, side 1 – ORANGE! Notice the roomy pocketses.


And Apron #2, side 2 – this sunny apron makes bathroom cleaning so much more bearable.

IMG_0683So I guess I am a collector . . . of aprons.

And of color.

Merry Christmas to me!

And to all of you.

May your days be merry and bright and may 2014 be bursting with color (or whatever most makes your heart sing).

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