And To All a Simple New Year

I usually take a great deal of time and energy to create a list of goals/wishes/dreams/intentions for the year to come. But this year, as I look ahead at the months unspooling before me and think about what I would like to create in those lush and expectant 365 days, only one word comes to mind:


Someone once posed a question to me.

If you given the choice, at the moment of your birth, which would you opt to be:

A genius who makes brilliant contributions to humankind, but who is mentally/emotionally tortured, conflicted and sad?


A simple person who doesn’t have a whole lot to offer intellectually, but takes great pleasure in the little things and is fundamentally happy?

Which will it be — a tortured genius or a happy fool?

At that time, naive youth that I was, I chose the tortured genius — the glory of making a significant contribution to the world far outweighed any emotional tics that might come with it.

Nowadays? Not so much.

I’ve come to see that simply being happy and expressing pleasure in the common delights of the world is a far more brilliant contribution to humankind than any scientific discovery or time-saving invention. The ripples that spread from a genuinely happy, contented soul are infinitely more powerful and far-reaching than any medical breakthrough that might make the headlines.

So . . . for 2015 I embrace simplicity.

Not sure how that will play out.

I’m thinking one thing it means is taking clutter-busting to a whole new level, but I’m not going to analyze it any further.

That could complicate things unneccessarily.

Instead, I will share an image of something that sits on my bathroom counter and brings me pleasure every time I see it.

A symbol for the simplicity I embrace for the year ahead.


Isn’t it charming?

I love its simple lines. I love its whimsy. I love that it’s handcrafted by my son, especially for me. I love that he took the time to create and tuck this little fire-singed poem behind its hobbit-like door.


But mostly, I love that he knew what I would love as he created it for me.

Simply beautiful.

Happy New Year, my friends.

May your life overflow with simple pleasures.

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3 Responses to And To All a Simple New Year

  1. whoist says:

    A very happy 2015 to you Maxine, I do enjoy reading your posts. x

  2. Aynsley Saxe says:

    Yes!! Cheers to simplicity indeed! I wish you a deeply peaceful, happy and creative 2015!! Thank you for sharing your writing gifts with the world.

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