My Very Own Roadie

Well . . . I’m on my way with my 2015 Author Visits.

Thanks to a friend, the year started off beautifully.

This friend [Hi Maggie!] was one of our kickstarter supporters last spring. Her pledge package included a skype visit which she gifted to Andrew School (where she used to teach) and, because Lamont was willing to hire me for the morning and Maggie was willing to put me up the night before, I was able to make the drive and talk to those students in person. Way more fun! (And easier for me, since sitting in one spot when I’m talking to kids about books and writing would be . . . well . . . almost impossible.)

What I didn’t expect, was to have my very own Roadie on this ‘tour.’

Maggie travelled with me all day, helping to unload all my stuff and lugging it out all by herself during the first recess so I could set up in the gym for the big presentation. And then, she drove me from one town to the next so I could eat my lunch en route.

AND she took photos!

DSC_0018 []

I’ve often thought about the ‘thousand unseen helping hands’ that aid is in achieving our goals. It was soooooo nice to experience a pair of seen, and very generous, helping hands assisting with my day in a very real, ‘hands-on’ way.

 Makes it fun to imagine a future time when I have a whole team of helping hands assisting me in . . . I dunno . . . maybe uplifting, inspiring, and delighting huge audiences of children and adults?

Yeah. That sounds good.

I’ll go with that.

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2 Responses to My Very Own Roadie

  1. whoist says:

    Thank goodness for helping hands, both seen and unseen 🙂

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