Apple #38

I don’t know what it is about beaches that makes me think about apples.

I can go for months with nary a thought about my 100 Apples Project and then I find myself on a beach somewhere and voila — I’ve got apples on my mind.

Maybe it’s the huge expanse of sand itching to be my canvas. Although, not all beaches are sandy. Maybe it’s the sound of the huge, uncluttered expanse of water lapping onto the shore that wakes up the artist in me (at least the part that likes apples!)

Whatever the reason, it happened every time I found myself on a New Zealand beach. I only acted on the thought a few times, but enough to give me a ‘New Zealand series.’

Apple #38


Title: Wanaka Apple

Medium: New Zealand twigs and driftwood and rocks on Wanaka Beach, NZ

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