Need a Hand to Hold?

I want to introduce you to a wonderful woman I met last summer.

Her name is Sheila.

My first experience with her was a facebook message with an invitation to share her bed-and-breakfast accommodations during a weekend course we would both be attending.

I was struck by her generous offer. She knew nothing about me. I could be the worst shower-hogging, late-night-light-glaring, twenty-decibel snorer on the planet and she opened herself up to the possibility of that discomfort with a smile. But that’s Sheila. She’s like Pigpen from the Snoopy comics, only the cloud trailing her is her vast and generous spirit.

After much deliberation (I’m not quite so generous-hearted) I accepted her invitation. I was a bit trepidatious when I arrived at the B&B, but before long we were chatting like old friends. She’s like that — able to put people at their ease.

And she’s funny.

That first night, as we prepared to turn off the lights, she looked over at me and said “So nice to meet you” which struck me as hilarious — here we were sleeping in side-by-side beds after our first visit, not parting ways after a get-to-know-you cup of tea. It sounds kind of lame as I describe it (one of those ‘you had to be there’ moments), but we laughed ourselves to sleep.

And that pretty much set the tone for our relationship.

One of the things that bonded us is the fact that we’re both searching for our way — “What is it, precisely, that we have to offer the world?” When we met, she was further down that breadcrumb trail than I was and, recently, I received an announcement email from her. She is taking action.

I’d like to share that email with you, just in case you or someone you know would benefit from Sheila’s laser presence.

If you’ve been plodding through your life  wondering ‘is this it?’ . . .

If you’ve been ‘looking good’ but dying inside . . .

 If you’d welcome a hand to hold while you transition from surviving to thriving . . .

Sheila’s got a very kind and comforting hand (and heart).

Give her a call.

You can also follow her on facebook here.


Hello there!

Today is the New Moon and an excellent time for new beginnings! Welcome 🙂

Below is some information about my new line of work which I’ve been training for the past two years or so. I don’t see myself as a perfectionist, however I have been spending too much time attempting to exact my message, my title, my brand. The universe has been telling me to stop fiddling around with the details and JUST GET THE MESSAGE OUT. So, I will close my eyes and click send so this message ends up in your inbox!

The short of it:

I am here to inspire and motivate. Have been since 1967.

The long of it:

I’m here to help women in their 40’s and 50’s who are struggling quietly from within. This internal struggle is based on a desire to go from a life of simply existing to a life that is outright thriving.

This woman has a good life. She is loved by many and she gives her love freely to others. Yet, deep down at her core there is something amiss. It’s a longing of sorts and it’s been calling to her for years. It’s an internal struggle like no other. She feels lost and lonely but here’s the thing. This woman is smart, she gets paid well for her work or is a stay at home mom, has a loving partner and many friends. Everything from the outside seems ideal. At times she feels guilty for not being internally satisfied and quietly thinks ‘what’s wrong with me?’. She has pushed these feelings back for years often putting the needs of others before her own. She is alive yes, but not truly living. Now, the feelings of desperation have ensued and she does not know what to do next in her life. She craves for it to have meaning on a whole new level.

Can you relate?

If so, let’s talk. We can chat on the phone, have a coffee, or meet on Skype. We’ll have a 20 minute starter conversation and see where it takes us. There is no obligation after that. You decide. I’m not here to rope you in. Simply put, I don’t enjoy seeing women struggle with happiness in their precious life. I have tools and knowledge that I know will help! My work is confidential as well as compassionate and respectful. (If you’re curious to know, future calls will be 30 minutes in duration, and at a ridiculously affordable pilot price. I’m not offering “packages” at this time.) I’ll be accepting appointments starting Monday, March 1st, 2015.
If this message does not resonate with you, perhaps you know of someone in which it might? Please forward onto them. Actually, feel free to share this message with anyone because (as my mentor says) ‘you just never know who might need to hear it’.

Thank you so much for your time and your support.
For the love of wisdom, let’s make this world rock! I just wanna, ya ‘know?!

Sheila Webster
Mentor for Inspired Living
(778) 440-5544
To sign-up to the Mentor for Inspired Living mail list please click here

Oh, one other thing. To define the nature of what a 30 minute call would be like, below are some testimonials from women I’ve had the pleasure of having deep conversations with …


“Loving, compassionate, enlightening, direct, uplifting, encouraging…” Lynne S.

“You are an easy person to be vulnerable with because you offer that back to me. There is a depth of trust there that I don’t share with too many people in my life. You are a very good listener and I always find you present in the moment and look forward to your reflection and interpretation of what I have shared. You challenge me to consider things in different ways than I would naturally approach them. You choose valuable things that I say and dig deeper into comments that I make. You are intuitive and insightful. You see past some of the surface of what I say.” Monique R.

“Therapeutic, because I got what was inside out, and I said it to someone who was listening and who didn’t dismiss, mock or change the subject until all was said and done.” Carol J.
“You help me get to the heart (definitely a play on words) of the issue or stuckness. We talk till I use my heart to resolve things (and I don’t mean from a place of weakness) but to come from a place of compassion and non-attack mode… You help me understand what it is I really want to say …” Lori T.

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