Apple #39

This apple (second in the New Zealand Beach Trio) was fun because it reminded me that we can visualize and imagine and predict and prepare and plan all we want, but we don’t ever know what we’re going to discover, or what our creation will ultimately become, until we dig in.

Ngarunui Beach (Ngarunui means Ocean) is a New Zealand beach, perfect for beginning surfers. We arrived at the beach for our third day of surfing, but the waves weren’t high enough to warrant the cost of board and wetsuit rentals so we went for a walk along the shore instead.

When we reached a driftwood log near the far end of the beach, I chose a nice, flat area, picked up a shell and dug in. My plan was to mound and mould the sand so it looked like the apple was half buried.

Imagine my surprise when the first scrape of the shell revealed that the sand beneath the bleached surface was black!

I had never seen black sand before.

Marvelling at this discovery, I instantly changed course and, instead of moving the sand into a pile, I scraped away a thin top layer to create more of a reverse bas-relief effect. (I don’t know if I’m using that term correctly, but it captures the essence of what I’m trying to convey so I’ll stick with it.)

It’s always so nourishing to create something and those discoveries — those departures from The Plan — are the most nourishing of all. The act of creating and, in particular, following the impulses that rise up while in the process of creating taps into something very rich and elemental and soul-feeding.

Even if it’s ‘just’ a simple apple carved into the sand.

Apple #39


Title: Ngarunui Beach Apple

Medium: simply black beach sand

PS – This apple was actually attempt #2. The first one got washed away by a renegade wave. (Much to the delight of my perhaps-not-so-patiently waiting sons.)

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